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"Read the fine terms of the SalesBoom contract. If you do not then you are in for big problems ($)".

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13. Cancellation Policy

All sales are final for first year of subscription; Salesboom customers may cancel their renewed contract within 30 days of renewal date in writing via registered mail and by paying Salesboom a $600.00 USD cancellation fee plus 50% of the remaining contract, with all payments being final and non refundable. If 30 days from date of renewal has expired, customer will be bound to pay Salesboom for an additional year of service for all registered users under customer’s account. Customer will have 30 days from cancellation date to remove customer data from their Salesboom account.

Don’t ever sign a contract with Salesboom unless you wish to be charged an arm and leg when you go to cancel. Actually you will be charged $600 + 0.5*(last bill) = $.

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  • Salesboom CRM SCAM


IF EVERYONE WOULD COMPLAIN to the BBB something might be done about salesboom scam, complain on this board and anywhere else on the net you can find to complain, the more negative search results they recieve the more people we can help to not be a victim of salesboom scam.

Go to this address and click the “File a Complaint” link as it stands right now, this BBB is giving them a A- minus score, are you kidding me? What does it take to get a B score, murder?

If everyone on this board and anyone who visits here would actually fill out the form at the BBB link above – you probably wouldnt get refund but you would be stopping others from being scammed by salesboom and would significantly hurt their business.

I paid for a year subscription to salesboom and their site doesn’t work, it took an entire week to add only a few clients because their site does not load and continually logged me out and then I couldnt log back in for hours if not days, their customer service is a joke, they are rude and useless. I demanded a refund that I never received and then I filed a complaint with the BBB ( and click the “File a Complaint” link) even after filing a complaint salesboom tried to charge my card for another year when I only signed up for the one year that I couldn’t even use due to their site not working then they tried to tell the BBB that I had signed a 2 year contract, I never signed anything, I ordered over the phone – do they have a recording of me signing up for two years? of course not.

Salesboom is a scam and they need to be put out of business and they need to be charged with theft and fraud.

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