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What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is used to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. A software like this may be essential to keeping on top of processes and data when running your business, be it small or large.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, simple relationship management t…

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Really Simple Systems


Highly Recommended Really Simple Systems is aimed at small and medium sized organizations or departments of larger…

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Keap CRM


Keap CRM is a customer relationship management software designed for small businesses to manage contacts and automate tasks.

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Web based CRM, sometimes referred to as Hosted CRM, OnDemand CRM, Online CRM, Browser Based CRM and now SaaS (Software as a Service) software solutions, is where the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is hosted by an Application Service Provider (ASP), typically the vendor of the software...

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These are conventional, traditional, so-called on-premise or in-house CRM desktop applications that run on a Client/Server network architecture on your desktop. This is where you typically have a more powerful, dedicated PC acting as a Server, with the Clients, or Workstations attached or networked to it.

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More vendors are developing demand-driven Customer Relationship Management software solutions for specific vertical markets. The cries from various markets for dedicated CRM solutions are finally getting heard. Hopefully your industry is catered for. To find out more we suggest you try out CRM Finder...

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For the consultant, micro business or entrepreneur, these free solutions are adequate in their own right. Mostly for single users, these CRM ‘carrots’ are there to entice you to upgrade. If your organization uses MS Outlook , you also might want to have a look at these. They do not offer freebies though.



The rather noble philosophy behind Open Source CRM software deserves recognition. For small businesses, Open Source CRM software solutions will merit serious consideration in the near future. Open Source is a bit of an unknown quantity from a CRM context, and especially from a ...

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Gmail is simple, manages your email, and offers free storage space. Another reason why businesses love Gmail is that Gmail for businesses lets you create custom email, For small businesses already using Gmail, considering CRM and Contact Management solutions that work inside the mailbox can ...



If you are already using MS Outlook in your office, it makes every sense to consider CRM and Contact Management solutions that are MS Outlook based. By that they work, or are embedded, within MS Outlook. MS Outlook does a good job of managing ones email, but has a relatively weak underlying database engine, and Outlook certainly cannot perform all the tasks required of a CRM solution. That’s the space the following MS Outlook CRM ...

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CRM applications for the Macintosh operating system – OS X – are in short supply. Scouring the web, one comes across few Mac based CRM SFA offerings. Are any Mac users involved in commercial ventures? Of course not. Here is an opportunity for developers to create CRM and Sales Tracking software solutions for the Apple Macintosh OS. A look at how over-traded the Microsoft OS world is as far as CRM applications are concerned, serves as an ...

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By the end of 2012, out of 7 billion people on the planet, more than 1 billion had an active Facebook account. Likewise, Twitter and LinkedIn collectively had about 700 million users. This increasing horde of potential buyers presents small businesses with the easiest opportunity to score. So we can say that integration of different social apps into your CRM is one of the decisive factors that determine how much growth your business will ...

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