Additional Cloud Based CRMs

Creatio (bpm)


Multi award winning CRM Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is a cloud application with out-of-the-box…

Cloud-based CRM systems like Creatio, (formerly bmp’online) deliver automated business processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead nurturing to opportunity management, and continued account maintenance. Best-in-class cloud CRM solutions enable users to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing companies to efficiently manage customer interactions throughout the entire customer journey. If a CRM is deployed on cloud, there is an ability to monitor the system operation online and immediately react in case any problems appear.

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If your business requirements have a strong emphasis on Project Management and Billing…

This is an all-in-one cloud computing platform. With integrated CRM, projects, billing, help desk, reporting and collaboration, WORK[etc] is the single cloud computing platform. This means just one software solution for your entire business One place for your team to collaborate. One place to sell, deliver and support customers. And with WORK[etc]’s cloud based web and mobile apps, you can manage your business at work, at home or on the road. So say goodbye to painful integrations and multiple costly web apps.  Say hello to big-time productivity and efficiency when you grow your business on WORK[etc].

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TeamGram CRM


TeamGram is an intuitive, feature-rich CRM and Sales Management tool for small to …

TeamGram is an intuitive, feature-rich CRM and Sales Management tool for small to medium sized businesses. Use TeamGram to boost your sales, manage your sales pipeline and keep track of your customers. With TeamGram you can make sure your sales team will never miss a deadline or forget a critical task, work faster by automating time-consuming tasks to give them more time to engage with customers. TeamGram also allows you to customize your CRM, making it work your way. Prepare winning sales quotes, manage leads, create orders, manage multi-user tasks, track inventory, customize forms, build custom applications, manage contacts in one place and share notes with your team. Quotes and orders can be managed with a single click. Users will be able to identify their profitability directly within TeamGram!

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The time of an intelligent, integrated cloud based CRM system has come, and it is said …

The time of an intelligent, integrated cloud based CRM system has come, and it is said to be one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise software solutions today. Looking ahead it is presumed that in the future more integrated, contextually intelligent and aware cloud based CRM applications will enable sales and marketing teams to define their strategies with precision while measuring the results achieved, better than it was ever before.


ConvergeHub, an easy to use affordable  CRM solution, is capable of providing new insights into improving the customer experiences, increasing customer retention strategies, and accelerating new product development based on the needs of  their customers.


ConvergeHub integrates with other software through many native integrations such as QuickBooks, DocuSign, PandaDoc, Ringcentral, Twilio, Office365, Box, Dropbox, Wordpress, etc. and also through Zapier, Piesync, APIs and Webhooks.

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Salesflare uses technology for intelligent automation of sales-related processes.

One of the new breed of modern CRM’s, Salesflare uses the latest technology for intelligent automation of your sales-related processes. Everything from data input, document retrieval, reporting, collaboration and more has been improved so one can spend more time on profit generating activities. Salesflare also tightly integrates with Outlook and Gmail, and many other apps via their REST API and Zapier. Read our full review..

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