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Salesbox is a mobile first CRM.

Salesbox is a mobile first CRM, and until recently it had been a mobile only CRM, available exclusively for iPhone and iPad. Ask any tech guru or IT practitioner, and they’ll tell you mobile is the next big thing. As a matter of fact, in terms of mobility, functionality and productivity, mobile version of a desktop app usually can’t hold a candle to mobile first app. Mobile native apps such as WhatsApp and Waze have already radicalized our daily lives and we believe it’s just a matter of time before mobile native CRMs do the same for businesses. And this is where Salesbox comes into its own.

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A CRM solution for personal use.

The first CRM solution for personal use for the iPhone, especially suited to all professions, such as business agents, brokers, business brokers, etc.. With myCRM you can keep constantly on hand all your business and plan all the activities related to it. Download it for free and try it as you like. Buy then the license that best suits your needs directly from within the application (In-App Purchase). MyCRM does not use external servers.

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People™ - People CRM


A Contact Management software.

This powerful Contact Management software is worth a look if your CRM requirements are quite demanding. People is great if you need to keep lots of information on your contacts. Loads of features in this Contact Manager for Apple Mac.

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Mobile CRM+


Mobile CRM+ have a mobile CRM solution available for iPhone,  …

Mobile CRM+ has this mobile CRM solution available for iPhone, Android, blackBerry, Windows mobile and Symbian Nokia platform. They are a small business who developed Mobile CRM+ for small businesses.

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AbsoluteBUSY is a cost effective open source web based…

AbsoluteBUSY is a cost effective open source web based customer relationship management software for Linux, Windows and Apple Mac OS X Platforms. The system offers contact management, project tracking, sales tracking, activities tracking and reporting. If you are interested in a web based, Open Source CRM to run on your Mac OS X, take a look at absoluteBUSY. See more Open Source and CRM Apple Mac solutions…

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