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SmallBizCRM - highly Recommended CRM

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Highly Recommended Salesbox is a mobile first CRM, and until recently it had been a mobile only CRM, available exclusively for iPhone and iPad. Ask any tech guru or IT practitioner, and they’ll tell you mobile is the next big thing. As a matter of fact, in terms of mobility, functionality and productivity, mobile version of a desktop app usually can’t hold a candle to mobile first app. Mobile native apps such as WhatsApp and Waze have already radicalized our daily lives and we believe it’s just a matter of time before mobile native CRMs do the same for businesses. And this is where Salesbox comes into its own.

SmallBizCRM - highly Recommended CRM

Less Annoying CRM

Highly Recommended There are two ways to access this mobile CRM, while there are no dedicated apps, tablets will be able to run the full version of the web based CRM which is touch optimized. Users on mobile devices with smaller screens should be able to do so by accessing a special web URL, which is essentially a simpler version. Smartphone users can add contacts and companies, search for existing contacts and companies, review agenda for the current data and have a look at the lead’s report which is essentially a list of leads that have been sorted on the basis of priority. If required smartphone users can still access the full site through the mobile phones, however this should only be done in case of utmost urgency. The mobile site requires Internet connection and there’s no offline mode for Less Annoying mobile CRM.

SmallBizCRM Recommended

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Recommended. For Infusionsoft, there are 15 different mobile apps, and counting, which can incorporate into your CRM in order to send/receive text messages, receive feedback via SMS, build optimized mobile landing page campaigns, discover what people care about (by analyzing how they use your website, desktop software or mobile app), or simply connect with iPad, Androids and other tablets.

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Nutshell CRM

There are separate mobile apps for devices powered by Android and iOS and they have been in existence since 2011. It was also the first mobile CRM to provide media logging. The addition to viewing and editing accounts and contacts and adding leads, users can filter leads, search for customers. Contact/ lead view shows logged details associated with the customer. The timeline view displays notes, activities and emails in chronological order. Also included are 6 graphs which can be generated from filtered data and chosen period, graphs are available for new leads, pipeline, sales, sales cycle, activity effort, leads on time. The application works in offline mode however, one can view only those items which have already been viewed earlier. As expected reports do not work in offline mode as they rely on the remote server for latest data.


Amongst the most popular work management solutions available. There are no native apps for Android or iOS, instead the mobile version of Mavenlink is accessible via devices that are HTML5 enabled, that implies no special app would need to be installed in the device. There’s a reason for which they have adopted the HTML5 based mobile app, quoting Ray Grainger, CEO at Mavenlink, “Since collaboration systems are by their very nature, invitation based, the ability for customers to access Mavenlink without requiring a native app enhances the likelihood of regular usage.” The mobile version facilitates workforce collaboration in the following ways – users can create, assign, view and manage tasks, keep track of deliverables and milestones. They can collaborate over projects, track billable hours, keep note of the expenses incurred. Also included is the feature to monitor latest project communications in a single activity stream, view associated files and Google Documents.

Zendesk Sell - formely Base CRM

Amongst the best sales tracking app, it helps businesses and users streamline contacts and sales into a simple, mobile workflow. There are native apps available for various mobile platforms. Users must install the right one for their platform. The apps help manage leads, contacts, sales, log calls or create tasks. Data entered or modified in the mobile CRM gets instantly synced with the Sell’s web app. Additionally, users can see the latest updates from their colleagues. Offline access ensures data is accessible anytime from anywhere even without Internet connection. Overall the user interface of apps for each of the platforms is pretty neat with simple forms that makes it conducive for mobile devices. Sales reps on the move will find the fully integrated Geolocation features to be of great help, they get a visualization of their customers and deals on a map wit driving directions. Multiple sales reports such as total sales, sales by account, forecasted sales are easily accessible from mobile devices.

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Nimble CRM

It is important to note that the mobile app from Nimble is a relatively new offering with more features expected to be added sooner than later. The great thing about Nimble is that it can easily pull contact information from various platforms and social networks. Once data from various communications channels has been pulled in, users can merge all such of contacts to create more personalized and dynamic profiles. The freely available iOS app and the only mobile app on offer, allows creating rich, dynamic profiles that can be easily searched. The app allows searching and sorting of contact information which is also segregated under recently viewed, recently added and recently contacted . Also available is the “one-touch functionality” for making calls, sending emails and text messages, maps, social networks, Skype, website. What’s missing in the app is the feature to be able view reports.

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An elegant sales pipeline management tool that is equally well accessible over mobile devices. There’s a dedicated iOS app, while there are no dedicated apps for other mobile platforms, users on these platforms can still access the mobile version of the application from their mobile browser. The iOS app has been designed in such as way that it allows easy access to-do lists and contacts. Its really simple to add leads leads, users can customers search by name or organization. All it takes is a single click to start new calls or sending emails. It is simple to take notes during a call or meeting, data created in the mobile app will be instantly accessible via the web app. Pipedrive provides filters that allows zooming in on particular deals, these filters are accessible in the mobile version too. While one can monitor their sales pipeline with ease, reports including graphs, charts are absent in the mobile version. The screen capture listed below shows how Pipedrive looks like when viewed from a mobile browser on an Android based mobile phone.

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Bizness CRM

As a CRM that is designed for companies whose customer base is small businesses. A small subset of its features are accessible over mobile by its native apps for iOS and Android. The native apps allow searching and pulling leads from Google Places, Yelp etc, in case if it is required to pull only those leads that have a website, its possible to configure such filters. Reps can create new deals, complete existing ones and view their entire sales pipeline in a single view. It is also possible to add appointments, view scheduled ones in a calendar view which organizes appointments in month, day, week view. What is missing in these apps are lack of metrics or reports which are available to users in the web application. Also, the app does not seem to maintain a local database and requires Internet access for a storing new data or accessing existing ones.


Resco Mobile CRM

A comprehensive mobile solution for your workforce, that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in fact it can be integrated with any CRM. There are apps available for major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows. The mobile CRM is capable of operating in online as well as offline modes. When in offline mode the mobile CRM stores all information in a encrypted local database which gets synced with the remote CRM. The interactive maps show customers and other custom objects as pins. The Calendar shows appointments, allows creating new ones or evening rescheduling existing. Phone calls can be placed from within the app itself, it is recorded and tracked as a CRM activity. Emails sent/ replied/ forwarded from the mobile CRM as recorded and tracked too. Dashboard shows data in the form of drill down charts. Administrators can easily manage their mobile users and devices, if required, they can even wipe out data from devices that get stolen.


AllClients CRM

The web version of the CRM provides great features. A stripped down version with limited set of features is accessible and compatible with most mobile devices and platforms. Users can add and view contacts, in order to get to contact details, user has to either search or select the first letter of the contacts name which makes it a 2-step process. Users can view and filter open to-do items, the mobile version does not allow adding a to-do item. It is possible to add appointments directly without getting into a contact, however appointments created this way are not linked to contacts and one has to switch to the web version to link it. Constant Internet connection is required and there’s no feature for offline access to the data. No reports of any kind are accessible in the mobile version.

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Wrike CRM

Wrike users can use the freely available apps that work on Android, iOS platforms to stay connected with their project, monitor project progress in the activity stream and collaborate with members of the team. The apps are sophisticated, productive, barely would one need to access the web version to accomplish something, they have been designed to use extract the maximum from today’s smartphones. Simple swipes can help update a to-do – right swipe completes it and left swipe makes it active again. Navigating around the app is easy, one can quickly get back to their to-do list by simply shaking the phone. The apps allow searching for folders, people, tasks; add time entries to track time spent on tasks; add posts in the activity stream; add, review, edit new tasks, delegate them to other members. If one needs to set reminders then that’s possible too. A lot of customization options are available that allow setting personal preferences. The apps require constant Internet connection without which most of the features do not work.

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Open the mobile version of Salesforce on any device and you can browse it just as if you were using it on your laptop computer. It’s simple, fast and very user-friendly. Updating your data and solving customer service cases on the go is only a matter of a few taps. You can also download their Chatter Mobile app to stay connected 24/7 to the people and records that matter most. With Chatter, you can monitor your feed and track late-breaking developments, instantly share important images, quickly look up a contact, view their info, and then send them a text or give them a voice call.



You can download mobile app for Insightly to add tasks, view contact details, log calls, or catch up on the status of a project. The app is supported by almost all the tablets including iPad, Google Nexus, and Amazon Kindle HD, as well as smartphones such as the Blackberry, iPhone, Androids, and Windows-based phone cellphones.

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SalesNexus announced the release of their mobile CRM in August, 2012. You can manage your customer’s information using iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, iPad and other tablets. “Sales teams can stay in touch and up to date instantly and effortlessly with SalesNexus Mobile CRM”, commented the Founder and CEO Craig Klein. “Sales people can quickly make follow up calls, schedule new meetings, enter notes, even see a map to find their next appointment. Best of all, it’s all instantly available to management and the rest of the team.” The best thing about SalesNexus mobile CRM is that as soon as you sign in, the application recognizes your mobile device and optimizes itself according to the model. In fact, we liked the mobile version of SalesNexus more than the full website because it’s simpler, yet equally powerful.

SAP Business ByDesign

The SAP Business ByDesign mobile solution is one of the most intuitive and comprehensive mobile solutions we have ever tried. However, currently it’s only available for iPhones, while the vendor claims that support for BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone 7 is in the pipeline.

SmallBizCRM Recommended

Sugar CRM logo


Recommended SugarCRM’s Mobile App. Upon the launch of Sugar 6, the vendor announced that the suite also includes a native app for iPhone as well as Android phones. This app works almost the same as any other native app in your phone and even offers software customization. The Sugar cloud connectors in mobile version enable the sharing of any type of external data including videos and social media content. Later, the vendor released Sugar Mobile Plus, a more powerful version of Sugar Mobile, for BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone. It grants the users access to Sugar data with offline sync capabilities, which also stores a copy of the CRM database on the mobile device.



Over and above the other functionality you’d expect of a CRM solution, SuperOffice provides web based access, synchronized database so you can work while not connected to your server (offline); you can Sync to your Blackberry or other PDA device.

Junari - May


An open source CRM Built on the OpenERP platform, Junari CRM is extensible and fully customizable as you have access to the source code. Also offers support for various mobiles including iPhone and Blackberry.


Tigerpaw Software Inc.

Founded in 1984 and established as a solutions specialist for small to mid-sized businesses, Tigerpaw Software Inc. is a developer of business automation and service management software. Its flagship product, the award-winning Tigerpaw Business Suite, empowers  businesses to manage and automate marketing, sales, service and inventory functions. Tigerpaw Software is a true business automation solution, proven to manage business from CRM, sales and service through purchasing and inventory. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge, affordable software solutions for businesses that sell and maintain technology driven products and services.



webCRM delivers a flexible and straightforward online CRM system with all the tools for companies that want to improve sales through increased overview within processes and better insight in operations. The webCRM system is easy to adapt and simple to use for all kinds of companies regardless of their goals and ambitions. webCRM strive to prove  the best possible support and help implementing a CRM solution to our customers specific needs. webCRM also provides, among others, a Product Customer Database Activities Email and shared calendar Mobile, CRM Sales Pipeline Management and Lead Generation. Pricing starts at $25 per month.



ForceManager provides all the information you need in a reliable and fast native mobile app. The system is easy, fast, reliable and smart. These are the four principles of design that ForceManager follows to create a mobile app that sales reps feel comfortable with. There’s a native ForceManager app for each mobile operating system – Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry. With ForceManager you can check account details, manage your pipeline, access your product portfolio and do much more from your mobile device.

Immediately Logo


Immediately is a mobile platform for modern sales professionals. Their mission is to elevate the craft of sales to what truly matters – building relationships. Their product is an intuitive mobile sales workflow, which helps sales professionals transform time previously spent on routine administrative tasks, into time focused on nurturing genuine connections with their customers. Pricing is $29 per month with a free trial offered.

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Kapture CRM

A user friendly, mobile-first and customizable CRM platform, Kapture enables you to grow your business and automate your sales, marketing and other processes. The mobile CRM platform has inbuilt APIs that integrates with existing systems like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Facebook etc. This will become the only system you need to deploy. Data can be easily imported and exported in different formats which can be then fed as input for other existing systems. The platform also can also be integrated with call center systems to manage post-sales CRM.

Relaso1 Logo

Relaso One

Relaso One is a mobile collaboration tool allowing you and your partner/s access to your data in real time from the web. Anyone with access can see your tasks and meetings and can schedule new tasks and meetings for you which when updated on your mobile will send you a notification. View your tasks, call notes and tags, send brochures and fulfil the orders you generated. Conduct a targeted email marketing campaign to micro-segments filtered in real time with multiple tag selection using the web application. Optimize your lead targeting and efficiency. Privacy and security is Relaso1’s prime concern and they strive to protect you and your data. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month with a free trial. An annual payment option is also available.

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Salespoint, a true mobile CRM app, works anywhere, anytime. A sales executive can check his notes right before and after a meeting in a matter of seconds and right from his mobile device. All data is automatically synced with your Desktop and stored safely. Work on your mobile device while travelling and use your computer for convenient access at home or in the office. A free version is available. Pricing is from $11 per user per month to $28 per user per month.



Fragmob, a mobiles sales automation software provider, instigates action through technology that enables direct selling companies to realise the benefits of a mobile solution. This mobile platform drives direct selling sales reps towards focused effective action for their business in real-time by delivering analytics across key metrics. In this way users can focus their field support efforts and measure ROI. The software is feature rich and provides actionable steps tailored specifically to the users business.

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Veloxy is a smart CRM App built for sales people. Veloxy integrates with Salesforce, Google, Exchange. All your relevant information from Salesforce, Exchange, Google (Calendars, Emails and Contacts) aggregated and associated in one place, searchable and available at your fingertips. Updating CRM is now fast, easy and mobile. Veloxy is also available on Apple Watch. Veloxy is full of thoughtful touches to make any interaction with customers and selling processes simpler, pleasant and productive. Veloxy is free of charge for a short period only.


Cloze is a free app that helps you keep track of the people that are important to you. You can use it on your own or as a team. Cloze brings together all of your relationships from social and email into a single view, keeping track of every contact, email, tweet, post, and life event.  It also helps you give every team member a voice on social media with the relevant content they’ll want to share with their followers and friends. You can easily respond directly within Cloze, share with your team or bookmark the message for later. Cloze is private and exclusive to you. A free version and two priced plans are offered. Cloze Pro and Cloze Business, are priced at $13.99 per month billed annually and $13.99 per user per month, also billed annually. Both the priced plans offer a free trial.

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