4 Ways Telemedicine Will Digitally Transform Your Practice

Asha Satapathy – Doc Engage – March 20th, 2024


Asha Satapathy –  Founder, DocEngage


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine continues to grow and change rapidly. New guidelines are in place for the implementation and use of this technology in India. How well is your organization meeting them, and what role will telemedicine have in your digital transformation strategy?

As the global pandemic continues to reshape healthcare and present uncertainties, one thing is for sure: telemedicine is here to stay

In a recent market research report, the global telehealth market was valued at USD 61.40 billion in 2019 and projected to reach USD 559.52 billion by 2027

Hospitals and practices are rapidly adopting teleconsultation and remote monitoring services in order to meet the continuum of patient care, to improve communication and better outcomes with social distancing guidelines. Very few patients are visiting hospitals, they want to get treated in the comfort of their home and remain physically distant from the rest of the world, telemedicine allows them to be connected & treated. To meet demands in an increasingly digital world, hospitals and physicians will need to think beyond traditional EHRs and consider telemedicine solutions that will digitally transform their practice.

Here are 4 ways DocEngage will digitally transform your healthcare organization

1. Multiple Sources of Data

  • Asynchronous care
    Review of stored data, such as patient communications such as pre-consultation assessment documents, medical records through text or email and respond at a later time by a chat or email
  • Remote patient monitoring
    Biomedical data gathered through patient monitoring devices
  • Writing notes
  • Sending prescription
  • Ordering labs and viewing results
  • Analyzing patient outcomes
  • Collecting payments
  • Monitoring hospitalized patients in real-time ( by device integrations)

4. Improved Collaboration and Patient Management