A CRM for Small & Medium Sized Business

See how a variety of businesses use Crank CRM

Crank CRM is a scalable toolkit for small businesses. They are unique in that instead of offering packages they allow users to choose the features that will suit them best. Take a look at what users, from a wide variety of industries, have to say. Sign up for a free trial or visit the website for a detailed explanation of the pricing.

What can you do with Crank CRM?

The platform is designed so you build your own package on top of Crank CRM’s awesome core features. You can turn features and integrations on and off at will, paying only for what you need, when you need it.  Crank CRM is actually in the cloud, so the sky is the limit for even the smallest business.

Find out how Crank CRM has helped users in these businesses.


“I spend a lot of time meeting people, taking business cards, virtually shaking hands and so on. So for me, finding a system that allowed me to quickly take down details instead of the traditional business card, where a contact was created with related tasks to follow-up and to create automated email follow-ups with custom email templates was a must. Scheduling and sharing events to my network is awesome and putting it on my pulic links page means new leads are only a click away, the paid events feature is my next step.”


“I am trying to find the flaws but I really can’t”  Stefan Thomas –  The Networking Retreat

Sales Teams

“We are a small team of brokers, we currently use a mixture of spreadsheets, docs and mass mailers, nothing is connected, nothing talks to one another. Using Crank we can mass mail our segmented contacts which in turn lets us move away from sheets to manage contacts. Although we weren’t using a task manager beforehand, since joining Crank we have all been using the task tool to keep track of contact and sale related tasks, having different boards helps us to keep our different portfolios organized.”

“Seriously impressive set of tools, we have yet to find something we cannot do!” Morgan Harrison  – Gites Ponlapiche


“Each of my customers is different, has different needs and wants different outcomes. Crank has helped me to automate the parts of my day that are the same whilst being able to save intricate dietary requirements to all of my customer profiles through the custom fields option. I can even send emails using those custom fields in my templates which allows me to spend more time on baking and less time doing admin tasks.”


“Sending marketing emails with a clear history of all communications sent on the profile saves so much time.” Jacob Ferrera –  Arrowhead Sports