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Introducing BloomSmith: Revolutionizing Real Estate Financing with Intelligent Solutions


Founded in 2015, BloomSmith emerged as a pioneering force in the real estate financing industry, specializing in VAT bridging loans for seamless transactions. With a primary focus on resolving funding and loan-to-value gaps in the lending market, BloomSmith delivers innovative financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of seasoned borrowers. What sets BloomSmith apart is their unwavering commitment to intelligent transaction structures that surpass the constraints of fixed legal charges.

Recognizing the need for a sophisticated contact management system in 2019, BloomSmith embarked on a journey to enhance their expanding business and ambitious goals. Previously relying on a combination of whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage data and customer relationships, BloomSmith acknowledged the limitations of such an approach to support their rapid growth and evolving requirements. Consequently, they turned to Really Simple Systems CRM, a robust solution designed to streamline operations and elevate their efficiency.

“In the past we just used one spreadsheet where the data was muddled into different fields. Now it is so simple for us to pull up reports highlighting the exact data we need.” Nigel Smith, CEO of BloomSmith

Nigel Smith, the visionary CEO of BloomSmith, underlined the transformative impact of this strategic decision, stating, “We understood that to realize our aspirations, we needed to embrace change. And we sought the simplest form of change possible.”

One of the pivotal factors driving BloomSmith’s success lies in their utilization of the Service & Support option within Rey Simple Systems CRM. This powerful feature empowers BloomSmith to effectively track and manage customer support cases, ensuring a seamless experience from initiation to resolution.

Nigel Smith further explained “Initially, our primary objective in adopting the CRM was to enhance customer management. However, as we delved deeper, we discovered that the case management system had the potential to revolutionize our deal management process. We realized that the CRM was not merely a database but rather a comprehensive ‘deal management’ system.”

By embracing Really Simple Systems CRM, BloomSmith has unlocked a new level of operational efficiency and effectiveness. The intuitive case management capabilities provided by the system have become instrumental in handling their complex deals with precision and ease. Through this strategic partnership, BloomSmith has successfully transformed their business, harnessing the power of technology to maximize their potential and drive exceptional results.

Unlocking the Power of Customization: Empowering BloomSmith’s Success

At BloomSmith, they firmly believe in the transformative power of customization. As a prominent player in the real estate financing sector, BloomSmith understands that tailoring CRM fields to their specific needs can make a significant difference in their operations. That’s why they wholeheartedly embraced the introduction of calculable fields, a game-changer that has revolutionized their efficiency and saved them valuable time.

Nigel Smith emphasized the importance of customization and its impact on their organization, stating, “We initially embarked on the process of customizing the CRM fields ourselves. However, as we encountered more intricate requirements, we realized the need for expert assistance. With just a few calls to the dedicated support team at Really Simple Systems, our customizations were seamlessly implemented. This exceptional level of support has also empowered our team to confidently create custom fields independently.”

Looking ahead, BloomSmith remains committed to further customizing the report functionality of their personal dashboards. They recognize the immense value in highlighting data that is directly relevant to their objectives. To accomplish this, they scheduled a call with Really Simple Systems’ esteemed Technical Success team. With their guidance, BloomSmith aims to create compelling charts and widgets that provide invaluable insights for their dashboards.

“From the initial enquiry to completed deals, our pipeline now runs smoothly, thanks to Really Simple Systems CRM.”
Nigel Smith, CEO of BloomSmith

Unleashing the Full Potential of CRM

When reflecting on how the CRM has revolutionized BloomSmith’s operations, Nigel Smith exclaimed, “The CRM has truly benefited us in every way.”