A CRM for Consultants

DT Consultancy improves business tracking and employee management with Bigin by Zoho CRM

The Company

DT Consultancy is a distinguished firm headquartered in India and Bahrain, proficient in delivering a comprehensive range of pragmatic advisory solutions tailored to cater to the diverse needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our esteemed services encompass an array of vital aspects such as new company registration, business operations restructuring, existing company amendments, and other pivotal areas. Moreover, we collaborate closely with our valued clients, diligently assessing their individual requisites and facilitating the acquisition of trade and working capital facilities from esteemed financial institutions and banks within the esteemed Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Challenge

DT Consultancy, under the joint leadership of Thomas George and Syed Ali, has successfully operated in the industry for the past seven years. However, as the company experienced growth, it encountered significant challenges in effectively monitoring business operations and efficiently managing its workforce. With a geographically dispersed team of 15 employees across two countries and an average monthly workload of handling 10 client applications, the organization reached a point where the workload became overwhelming. DT Consultancy efficiently concludes approximately four to six new company registrations per month, each application undergoing multiple stages and possessing unique characteristics, emphasizing the criticality of meticulous application tracking.

Before undergoing a transformative shift, DT Consultancy explored various tools, including Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft To Do, but none of them proved to be an ideal fit for their specific business requirements. Moreover, the utilization of Microsoft To Do was marred by technical issues that not only inconvenienced DT Consultancy but also impacted their clients’ experience.

In response to these challenges, DT Consultancy made the strategic decision to adopt a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. After conducting a thorough search, they discovered Bigin as the optimal solution. The question arises: What factors led to their selection of Bigin over other available CRM options? Let us delve deeper into their rationale.

Introduction to Begin

Given George’s limited technical expertise, it was imperative for him to find a tool that offered simplicity and user-friendliness. In contrast to other CRM solutions available in the market, Bigin stood out as exceptionally intuitive and straightforward. Once DT Consultancy implemented Bigin, the process of tracking company registration applications became remarkably effortless. Presently, each application is systematically categorized into distinct stages, enabling swift retrieval and meticulous monitoring of information as and when needed.

“We start our day with Bigin. It showcases each deal and stage and gives us a head start to what we need to track and achieve for the day.” Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

The implementation of stage transition rules has significantly enhanced DT Consultancy’s ability to track and capture crucial details pertaining to each deal. This improvement is achieved through the establishment of checkpoints, wherein the organization’s administrators require other users to complete a straightforward form before transitioning a deal from one stage to the next in the pipeline. This meticulous transition assessment ensures that each deal meets the necessary qualifications for progression to a specific stage. By streamlining the pipeline transition process in this manner, even with multiple users located in different regions, DT Consultancy effectively minimizes the risk of loose ends and maintains a seamless flow of deals.

“We find the stage transition rules really helpful. It’s one of the best features I’ve come across!” Thomas George Owner, DT Consultancy

At DT Consultancy, a typical workday commences with a team meeting that brings together employees from two different countries. Previously, when relying on Excel sheets and Microsoft To Do, these meetings would typically span between one to one and a half hours. However, since transitioning to Bigin, these meetings have significantly reduced in duration, rarely exceeding 30 minutes. The implementation of Bigin has proven to be a valuable time-saving asset, empowering the team to enhance their productivity levels.

Bigin’s pipeline view plays a crucial role in streamlining and organizing their information. With each stage and deal systematically showcased, DT Consultancy gains a clear advantage in terms of tracking and accomplishing their daily objectives. By providing a structured overview of their goals, Bigin enables the team to approach their tasks with clarity and purpose, setting them on the path to success.

“I 100% attest to the fact Bigin is the most user-friendly CRM I have come across, including their mobile app as well. Whenever a client calls, I have all the required information in my hand. It helps me do and manage business with ease.” Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

DT Consultancy handles an average of 100 ongoing deals daily, and the mobile app provided by Bigin has revolutionized their ability to effortlessly track and access client information from any location. This newfound mobility has significantly streamlined their deal tracking process, empowering the team to work efficiently and effectively at any time, regardless of their location.

Bigin’s dynamic dashboards offer valuable insights by providing accurate data on the number of ongoing deals and the allocation of deals to specific team members. Additionally, DT Consultancy manages multiple pipelines, and the automation capabilities offered by Bigin’s workflow feature have transformed their entire business process. Once a company formation deal is successfully closed, the workflow automatically progresses the deal to the subsequent pipeline, such as VISA applications, seamlessly initiating the journey for the new deal. Previously, this process relied on manual intervention, which introduced the potential for errors. However, with the automation facilitated by workflow, these risks are mitigated, ensuring a more efficient and error-free process.

During the search for a CRM solution, DT Consultancy faced challenges related to business and employee management. Bigin has aptly addressed these concerns by providing comprehensive solutions for each aspect. Notably, the simplicity of Bigin has played a pivotal role in enabling a successful transformation of their business operations. Surprisingly, even with minimal technical skills, George was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which the CRM could be set up from scratch. Recognizing the importance of user-friendly applications that deliver optimal performance on a daily basis, Bigin perfectly aligns with DT Consultancy’s criteria, seamlessly blending simplicity with functionality.

“The most user-friendly software that I have come across. A perfect package for non-technical users to start off with. With a non-technical mindset, it has been effortless to hop on to Bigin.” Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

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