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Learn More about the Transformation of Operational Efficiency and Productivity Enhancement for V4 Creative through Bigin by Zoho CRM


V4 Creative,  a South African digital media design service agency, established in 2014, is committed to delivering professional, top-quality, and cost-effective branding and web design services. Led by Dawid Roux, the Managing Director, who brings over 15 years of experience in the web design and graphics industry, the company is composed of a dedicated team of nine employees.


Challenges Faced

In the initial stages, V4 Creative relied on Google Sheets and for managing their operations. However, as the business expanded and the need for a cohesive customer relationship management (CRM) system became apparent, Dawid Roux sought a solution that would streamline their operations, enable efficient tracking of customer lifecycles, and offer a swift turnaround time. These considerations led to the realization that their existing CRM tools were insufficient for the growing demands of their business.

The Solution: Adoption of Bigin CRM

“The CRM options available in the market are either too expensive, with complex features that are not essential for a small business, or are priced less with nominal features.” Dawid RouxManaging Director, V4 Creative

Dawid Roux embarked on a search for a suitable CRM solution and discovered Bigin through a comprehensive online search. During the evaluation process, Roux established key criteria that the new CRM system must fulfill. Bigin emerged as the optimal choice, meeting all the required criteria. The pivotal feature that caught Roux’s attention was Bigin’s Team Pipelines. This capability facilitated the integration of all teams onto a unified platform, ensuring seamless and transparent business processes.

The implementation of Bigin took approximately two weeks. The initial team to embrace the CRM was the sales team, utilizing the Quotation pipeline. The success and impact of this transition were resounding, prompting the gradual adoption of Bigin by all departments within the organization.

Bigin Deployment and Utilization

Quotation Pipeline:

Dawid Roux initiated the implementation by configuring the Quotation pipeline for the sales team. Given the nature of their work, the team often juggles multiple projects simultaneously. When projects enter the Bigin system, the sales team generates quotes and cost estimates for potential customers. Key features employed within this pipeline include:

  • Tasks: Sales personnel leverage task management to facilitate follow-ups with customers through emails and phone calls.
  • Email Insights: This feature aids i n tracking the status of emails dispatched to customers.
  • Billing Pipeline: Upon customer approval of a quotation, the project transitions to the Billing pipeline. V4 Creative integrates Zoho Books with Bigin to handle accounting needs, streamlining the process of sending estimates and invoices from within the CRM.

Payments Pipeline:

The Payments pipeline comes into play next, with Zoho Books providing a seamless payment gateway integration. Customers are empowered to make payments directly through a link. The pipeline also encompasses features such as:

  • Tasks: Accounting professionals utilize task management for timely email and phone follow-ups.
  • Calls: The team engages customers using built-in telephony features.

Projects Pipeline:

Following receipt of payment confirmation, projects advance to the Projects pipeline rough connected pipelines. Automatic workflows assign projects on a rotating basis, and Bigin’s dashboards provide visual project status tracking. Features utilized in this pipeline comprise:

  • Workflows: Workflow automation ensures equitable project distribution among users.
  • Dashboards: Visual dashboards aid in monitoring ongoing, overdue, and completed projects.

Support Pipeline:

V4 Creative extends support to customers both before and after project completion through the Support pipeline. Meetings are scheduled via the Activities module to address customer queries. Components of this pipeline encompass:

  • Calls: The support team leverages in-built telephony to communicate with customers.
  • Events: Event scheduling is facilitated for customer meetings.

Benefits of Bigin Implementation

“Bigin is game-changing. It has exceeded our expectations such that V4 Creative cannot work without Bigin.” Dawid RouxManaging Director, V4 Creative

After two years of consistent utilization, Bigin has seamlessly integrated into V4 Creative’s daily operations, delivering significant enhancements and business successes, including:

  1. A remarkable 40% surge in productivity within a single year of Bigin deployment.
    Notable growth in customer retention rates.
  2. Empowerment of salespeople with Bigin’s mobile app, enabling on-the-go project tracking.
  3. Enhanced impact of marketing campaigns through Email Insights.
  4. Improved communication facilitated by Team Pipelines.
  5. Time-saving and error-reduction through automation of specific tasks.

Future Prospects

V4 Creative’s transformative journey with Bigin exemplifies how the right tools can fuel small business growth. The enduring partnership with Bigin has empowered the company to efficiently track the complete customer lifecycle and provide timely support. Dawid Roux and his team are confident in the ongoing expansion of their business as they continue to harness the evolving features and functionalities offered by Bigin.

“We see Bigin incorporated at V4 Creative in the future because it’s an evolving platform that offers the features and functionalities my business needs as it grows.” Dawid RouxManaging Director, V4 Creative

In conclusion, the case study of V4 Creative’s adoption of Bigin CRM underscores the significance of selecting a CRM system that aligns with business objectives and optimizes operations. The success story of V4 Creative serves as a testament to the capacity of well-implemented CRM solutions to revolutionize productivity, customer engagement, and overall business performance.

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