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NetHunt CRM – The Perfect Tool for Supporting a Community of Product Managers

Product management involves discovering valuable, feasible, and useful products to develop and sell. However, it can also lead to loneliness and a lot of hard work. Realizing this, the founders of Mind the Product established ProductTank in 2010, a meetup where product managers from all over the globe can come together, network with their peers, and share ideas. If you’re looking to support your community of product managers better, consider implementing NetHunt CRM. This tool can help you optimize your customer relationships while providing an efficient platform for collaboration among members. With NetHunt CRM, you can ensure that all your communication is optimized both for SEO and conversation purposes.

The challenge

Let us share with you a unique story of controlled growth on a global scale. While our partners often utilize our system to automate workflows, create stunning pipelines, and launch attractive email campaigns to enhance their revenue streams, ProductTank approached us with a different objective. They wanted to harness the power of NetHunt to manage the expansion of their community organization across all continents except Antarctica. Thanks to our expertise in facilitating controlled growth and digital marketing strategies, we were able to assist ProductTank in achieving their goals.

“Finding a CRM was challenging, considering it is normally built for sales.”

The Solution

Jase Clamp, the coordinator of Asia Pacific ProductTanks, opted for NetHunt CRM for two reasons. Firstly, because it allowed him and his team to operate outside the usual boundaries of a CRM system. They were not interested in maintaining ‘company’ records or ‘customer’ profiles. Instead, they preferred to work with ‘city’ records and ‘organiser’ profiles. This enabled them to function in a manner that was not limited by conventional CRM practices. Secondly, he needed a solution that was both simple and easy to implement. Since he was already using Gmail and Google Sheets, a CRM that was compatible with Gmail seemed like a logical choice. He did not want to deviate too much from his current systems; hence, choosing a CRM for Gmail that allowed them to operate outside the normal realm of standard CRMs proved beneficial.

“Being a full Gmail integration CRM is a huge plus; much better than a small sidebar integration.


CRM is a crucial component in any company’s growth strategy. Customer relationship management is all about managing the relationship between your customers and the company. It is also about leveraging the existing customer relationships to bring in new clients and increase the number of satisfied customers. If you are a small business owner, you may not have the resources necessary to manage your targeted customer base. To regain control over the business and increase revenue, you will need to utilize a CRM solution – an automated tool that will help you to manage your contacts, track their behavior, and make sure that they are getting the best possible offers from your company. One such solution worth exploring? NetHunt CRM. NetHunt is a CRM solution for Gmail that helps to manage your contacts, track their behavior, and make sure that they are getting the best possible offers from your company. The best part? It is completely free. You can create a free account using your email address and start using it immediately to manage your contacts and create marketing campaigns.

The top three most amazing things about NetHunt, flexible, native in gmail, the customer support is incredible