A CRM for Financial Advisors

Learn how became the solution for more than 25 core processes at Moneytree

Meet Moneytree

Founded in 2012, Moneytree is a Japanese fintech platform that takes the financial data and information typically stored in multiple different systems and brings everything into one place.

Moneytree gives consumers and small businesses seamless access to their credit cards, digital money, milage, points, and bank accounts in a secure platform that they can enter any time, anywhere.


The challenge

In the beginning, startup life was very chaotic. Moneytree didn’t have a solid workflow or process for pushing the product forward. Like many others just starting out, they did what they needed to do in any given moment to get work done.

“We were constantly reassessing our software, processes and people since what got us from point A to point B wouldn’t necessarily be the right fit to get us to point C, and so on,” says Chief Executive and Co-Founder Paul Chapman.

When they hit 25 employees, Moneytree realized that they needed to change the way they worked if they wanted to scale successfully.

Teams across the company began experimenting with a variety of process tracking tools like Pivotal Tracker and Trello, but none of them made a lasting impact. These tools would often be swapped for the next best solution that could solve the problem of that day. And this cycle continued for a while.

What Moneytree didn’t know at the time was that they really needed one powerful solution that could adapt to many of their pressing needs long-term.

The solution


A few years back, one of the designers came across a ad online and decided to try the platform for among the product, design, and engineering teams, so they could easily share information with other teams and track their progress.

The platform was so beneficial to the product team that news of it quickly spread across the company eventually reaching Paul who was encouraged to try the tool out for other processes.

“Our CTO and Co-Founder came up to me and explained it like this, ‘anything you would do with Excel, but really shouldn’t, like managing lists of things, can be done better with, with the added benefit of also having conversations and file sharing in the same place.”’

Paul adapted for other teams’ needs soon after. Since then, it’s become the main work hub for the entire company of more than 100 employees and counting.

A scalable infrastructure with total customization

As Moneytree began to scale, they needed more processes and ways to track information. They didn’t have a proper knowledge transfer process that worked for onboarding new employees.

When employees moved between teams or left the organization, critical information remained in email threads. This made onboarding new employees difficult because data and information was lost in someone’s inbox, completely inaccessible to new hires.

Moneytree then decided to open up a new board in for this process so that everyone had one place for capturing and sharing knowledge.

“We’ve been with for about four and a half, five years now and the pace of change is impressively fast; it’s keeping up with our needs as we continue to scale,” says Paul.

Now, when anyone at Moneytree runs into an issue or finds a fault in a process or workflow, they almost always solve it with an additional board, an automation or an integration all within

Enhanced privacy and security

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan has an established framework for open banking and Moneytree is subject to its strict regulations. The FSA requires fintech companies to have highly secure environments, especially for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

“You have to be registered, so there’s a standard and there’s lots of checklists requiring lots of documentation and process tracking,” says Paul, “This is very challenging, but has helped us get us to where we needed to be.”

With the two-factor authentication, the ability to set permissions, log activity, document decisions and approvals, helps Moneytree ensure they maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

Full transparency

One of Moneytree’s core values is “default to open,” meaning information should be made available to everyone in the company, unless there is a good reason not to, such as protecting privacy. As a platform rooted in transparency, helps the company live up to this value with the ability to see who’s doing what and when.

“Everyone can see what’s going on across the organization in the context of different teams, different projects,” says Paul, “…being able to see everything gives us the power to make better decisions because you can see what’s happening at any given time.”

Visibility also makes cross-departmental hand-off so much easier because everyone knows exactly when one stage is complete and the next one is ready to begin.

“I immediately found to be really flexible. When there is a new need, it flexes and fills the gap for me. Now we use it company-wide.” Paul Chapman Chief Executive & Founder, Moneytree