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About Amerityre Corporation

Amerityre Corporation stands as a pioneering force in the realm of polyurethane foam and polyurethane elastomer formulations, serving as the bedrock for the creation of exceptional flat-free tires on a global scale. Founded initially as the American Tire Company in 1996, the corporation has garnered recognition for its exceptional tire formulations that transcend industry standards.

Presently headquartered in Nevada, USA, Amerityre has solidified its position as the foremost manufacturer of polyurethane flat-free tires within the United States. The organization’s manufacturing prowess extends across diverse markets, encompassing bicycles, mobility aids, agriculture, lawn and garden care, as well as industrial applications.

As an undisputed leader in its sector, Amerityre has cultivated a legacy of ingenuity through its exclusive employment of proprietary polyurethane closed-cell foam and polyurethane elastomer formulations. These groundbreaking formulations have empowered the development of tires with heightened load-bearing capabilities, unwavering resistance to UV and ozone degradation, non-marking attributes, and a complete absence of toxic materials.

Amerityre’s tires notably eclipse conventional rubber tires by demanding substantially less energy in the production process, thus earning the distinguished accolade of the “Green Tyre.” Not only do these tires exemplify environmental responsibility, but they also uphold a commitment to air quality, emitting no noxious fumes, a departure from the norm among competitors’ offerings.

The cornerstone of Amerityre’s endeavors resides in their unwavering mission: to furnish unparalleled tire solutions that adeptly cater to the diverse needs of their clientele. This commitment materializes through the delivery of products and services that stand unparalleled in the realm of tire manufacturing. This dedication extends not only across the American landscape but also resonates on a global scale, setting Amerityre apart as an industry vanguard.

Our company was looking for a CRM with simple features to store and track customer information and activities. Really Simple Systems has provided us with a platform to do just that.  Jody Hudson, Amerityre

Transitioning from Spreadsheets to CRM: Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Amerityre Corporation

In a pivotal shift, Amerityre Corporation transitioned from a spreadsheet-based customer information management approach to a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Recognizing the limitations of their existing system, this transformation was spearheaded by Regional Account Manager, Jody Hudson, who brought her prior CRM experience to the forefront.

Jody Hudson, armed with insights gained from her prior role, identified the shortcomings of the spreadsheet-based approach and advocated for the implementation of a comprehensive CRM system. Her expertise in CRM systems prompted her to articulate the manifold benefits such a system could bring to Amerityre. As she succinctly put it, “I was accustomed to working with a CRM. Although Amerityre had not used one before, they embraced the concept after understanding the advantages.”

Following extensive online research, Amerityre selected Really Simple Systems as their preferred CRM solution. This choice was attributed to the CRM’s alignment with the organization’s needs, its user-friendly interface, and its cost-effectiveness.

The journey towards CRM adoption was marked by the exemplary responsiveness of Really Simple Systems’ Customer Support. Jody praised the team’s excellence and agility in addressing inquiries. The availability of online tutorials and live webinars facilitated the learning curve, ensuring a seamless transition for Amerityre’s team.

Presently, Really Simple Systems CRM plays a pivotal role in Amerityre’s daily operations. It effectively tracks activities, manages upcoming tasks, and oversees customer accounts. This transition has yielded substantial improvements in the company’s organizational structure and operational workflows. In fact, Jody emphatically expressed her intention to recommend Really Simple Systems to fellow business owners, underscoring the system’s efficacy.

The CRM transition has not only resolved Amerityre’s organizational challenges but has also optimized how the team navigates their daily business demands. Summarizing the transformation, a company spokesperson stated, “We sought a CRM solution with simple yet powerful features to manage and monitor customer interactions. Really Simple Systems has not only met but exceeded our expectations, all while offering customizable features that align perfectly with our requirements, and at an exceptionally reasonable cost.” This move has catalyzed Amerityre’s journey toward heightened efficiency and improved customer engagement