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Find out how a search marketing firm leverages Streak CRM for partnership management.

How BASE Search Marketing Leveraged Streak CRM to Enhance Partnership Management


In the realm of search marketing, Blake Nielson serves as the Managing Director of BASE Search Marketing, an SEO agency that actively produces and publishes over 1,000 unique content pieces monthly for its diverse clientele. The sheer volume of clients and partners necessitated a systematic approach to tracking and managing relationships, including partnerships with websites and publications.

While many companies recognize the importance of tracking clients through a sales process, the nuanced task of managing partnership outreach often goes overlooked. Blake, an adept SEO and PR Specialist, had previously relied on various workflows and spreadsheets to oversee outreach efforts and partnership management. However, recognizing the need for a more scalable solution from a sales perspective, he turned to a CRM  – Streak, to be precise.

Streak’s Seamless Integration with Gmail Transforms Partnership Management

Streak seamlessly integrated into Gmail, the primary platform where Blake spent the majority of his workday. This integration facilitated more effective relationship management with existing publications and allowed for comprehensive tracking of progress in forging new partnerships. The collaborative features of Streak were particularly beneficial, preventing team members from inadvertently interfering with each other’s efforts.

Setting up the initial pipeline with Streak was a swift process, taking only a few minutes. The flexibility of the CRM enabled customization of stages and fields to align with the specific workflow of BASE’s outreach program for recruiting new web publications as partners.

Utilizing Streak for Strategic Partnership Outreach

Under the category of “Streak for building new partnerships,” the agency implemented a targeted email cadence at each stage of the outreach sales process. Leveraging Streak’s Mail Merge feature, personalized email templates were crafted and deployed, enabling the agency to send over 100 emails daily and ensuring that potential partners did not slip through the cracks.

Streak’s Role in Client Acquisition

Recognizing the need for a separate pipeline to track new clients, BASE Search Marketing utilized Streak’s flexibility to create a dedicated system. This addressed previous challenges where team members encountered communication issues or failed to contact leads in a timely manner. Streak’s streamlined interface and focus on email communication proved instrumental in overcoming these challenges.

Enhanced Workflows Lead to Significant Growth for BASE

The introduction of Streak brought about a transformation in the way BASE Search Marketing structured and organized its workflows. This, in turn, contributed to the company’s remarkable growth, with the team more than doubling in size since the implementation of Streak. The enhanced ability to manage and nurture partnerships resulted in a substantial increase in client work capacity, nearly tripling the agency’s output.

Streak not only facilitated better maintenance and nurturing of partnerships but also added a layer of transparency to the entire process. As a crucial component in advancing BASE Search Marketing, Streak played a pivotal role in elevating the agency’s performance, underscoring the importance of nurturing partnerships alongside acquiring new ones.