A CRM for Marketing

Transforming Audio Marketing Strategies with Really Simple Systems rebranded as Spotler CRM

Audio Marketing Concepts, a dynamic player in the marketing industry, boasts a multidisciplinary team comprising creative writers, production engineers, audio architects, and scent specialists. Specializing in crafting distinctive marketing programs, the company caters to diverse needs, including marketing on hold, auto-attendant voicing, business music, and custom scents for establishments. With a client base primarily hailing from retail and hospitality, Audio Marketing aims to leave a lasting impression on its customers, relying on word-of-mouth marketing and active participation in industry trade shows to attract new clients.

Challenges and Objectives

CEO Joel Ostroff recognized that Audio Marketing’s previous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system fell short in terms of accessibility, customization, and simplicity. With a workforce of remote employees and unique project timelines ranging from one week to six months, the company needed a versatile and flexible CRM system that could adapt to their varied sales processes. The existing CRM system was deemed pricey, overly complicated, and not aligned with the business objectives.

Selecting Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM)

After careful consideration, Joel identified three key requirements for a new CRM system: accessibility, customization, and simplicity. Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM)  emerged as the ideal solution that addressed these concerns. Joel highlighted the cloud-based nature of Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM), providing easy access for remote workers. The customizable features of Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM) allowed Audio Marketing to tailor the CRM to their unique business needs, enhancing project management capabilities.

Customization for Efficient Project Management

Really Simple System’s (SpotlerCRM) customization capabilities played a pivotal role in meeting Audio Marketing’s project management requirements. Joel outlined specific customizations:

  1. Dashboard Display: The CRM dashboard was customized to offer quick access to key information through custom widgets, including links to company reports and the “To-Do List.”
  2. Custom Fields: Audio Marketing created custom fields to store key data, facilitating quick searches for specific product serial numbers and providing comprehensive customer information.
  3. Email History Recording: The CRM’s ability to automatically record email history proved invaluable, offering a consolidated view of an account’s full history, notes, and relevant information.

Emphasizing Simplicity

Joel underscored the importance of simplicity in Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM). By choosing Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM)  Audio Marketing avoided unnecessary complex features, focusing on easy access to customer information. Joel expressed his satisfaction with building Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM) to precisely fit the company’s needs with minimal difficulty.

Final Thoughts

Summing up Audio Marketing’s experience with Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM), Joel emphasized the CRM’s invaluable role as a key tool used extensively every day. He highlighted the program’s seamless integration into their daily operations, describing it as second nature. According to Joel, Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM) is a no-brainer, and in the contemporary business landscape, running a business without a CRM tailored to specific needs is inconceivable. Audio Marketing’s successful integration of Really Simple Systems (SpotlerCRM) has not only streamlined their processes but also enhanced their interactions with clientele, proving the CRM’s significance in today’s competitive market.