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Find out more about the success Audio Marketing Concepts achieved with Really Simple Systems

About Audio Marketing Concepts


Audio Marketing Concepts operates with a dedicated team comprising creative writers, production engineers, audio architects, and scent specialists. Their mission involves crafting distinct marketing programs tailored to their clientele. The company offers a wide spectrum of services, including marketing on hold, auto-attendant voicing, business music, and bespoke scents for various settings such as stores, hotels, and offices.



Really Simple Systems was easy to set up, our Account Manager helped us with anything we needed, and their pricing is great. Joel Ostroff, Audio Marketing Concepts

Client Base and Marketing Approach:

Audio Marketing primarily serves the retail and hospitality sectors, catering to clients seeking impactful customer experiences. To expand their client base, the company relies on word-of-mouth promotion and active participation in industry trade shows.

Project Identification and Diverse Sales Process:

Upon acquiring new leads, Audio Marketing carefully assesses project size and scope. The projects they handle are often unique, spanning from one week to six months. This variability underscores the necessity for adaptable client relationship management strategies.

I was able to build Really Simple Systems CRM to be exactly what I wanted with no difficulty. Joel Ostroff, Audio Marketing Concepts

Challenge: Outgrowing the Inadequate CRM:

CEO Joel Ostroff recognized shortcomings in their existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The system proved to be costly, intricate, and misaligned with business objectives. Its cumbersome nature prompted the need for a more suitable alternative.

  1. Identifying Key Requirements: Joel pinpointed three pivotal prerequisites for the new CRM solution:
  2. Accessibility: With remote work being the norm, all team members required seamless access to the CRM.
  3. Customization: The CRM needed to accommodate the company’s distinct operational demands.
  4. Simplicity: A user-friendly interface was crucial to minimize the learning curve.
  5. Selecting the Ideal Solution – Really Simple Systems CRM:
    After comprehensive evaluation, Audio Marketing settled on Really Simple Systems CRM. The cloud-based nature of the system effectively addressed accessibility concerns, given the company’s remote workforce.

Tailoring the CRM for Optimal Performance:

Customization was a focal point for Audio Marketing’s CRM enhancement. The company capitalized on Really Simple Systems’ flexibility to tailor the CRM to their specific requirements. Joel outlined key customizations:

  1. Dashboard Optimization: Audio Marketing crafted custom widgets for quick access to critical information, including company reports and the “To Do List.”
  2. Data Custom Fields: Custom fields were introduced to store vital data, facilitating efficient searches for product-related information.
  3. Email History Integration: The system’s ability to automatically record email history streamlined client interactions.
  4. Embracing Simplicity for Enhanced Efficiency:
    Joel praised the simplicity of Really Simple Systems CRM. The absence of unnecessary complexities aligned perfectly with Audio Marketing’s needs. The CRM was designed to provide easy access to customer data without unnecessary complications.

Results and Conclusion:

Joel expressed his satisfaction with Really Simple Systems CRM, deeming it invaluable. The system has become an integral tool in daily operations, ensuring effective interactions with clients. Through customization and user-friendly features, Audio Marketing achieves enhanced efficiency and client relationship management, reinforcing their commitment to delivering unique and memorable marketing experiences.