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PHA Media has seen an increase in lead traffic since using OnePageCRM


OnePageCRM Transforms PHA Media’s Sales Operations

In the dynamic world of public relations, staying ahead of the competition and effectively managing client relationships is essential for success. PHA Media, a renowned London PR agency offering services ranging from Tech PR and Sport PR to Consumer PR and Reputation Management, recognized the need for a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to streamline their sales process and boost business development. This case study explores how the Business Development Manager at PHA Media, discovered and implemented OnePageCRM to revolutionize their sales operations.

Kickstarting the Business Development Plan

As PHA Media expanded its services and clientele, it became evident that an organized sales process was crucial for managing and following up on leads effectively.
“Within a few weeks, it was clear that managing and following up all leads in a timely fashion would be impossible without a CRM.”
The absence of a CRM had resulted in inefficiencies, such as the inability to track previous interactions with prospects and unnecessary administrative work to check for duplicate outreach efforts.

OnePageCRM: A Sales-Friendly Solution

To address these challenges, PHA Media embarked on a quest to find a CRM system that was easy to use and “salespeople-friendly.” Their objective was to keep their sales team focused on closing deals while enabling them to predict revenues and manage follow-ups efficiently. They discovered OnePageCRM, a user-friendly CRM solution that promised to address their pain points and optimize their sales process.

Staying on Top of Sales

Within just one day of implementing OnePageCRM, they realized that he had found the solution he was seeking. The CRM’s intuitive interface and features allowed the team to stay on top of their sales within an easy-to-use framework. They explained their choice, stating,

“We chose OnePageCRM as it means that opportunities are never closed until a resolution has been reached and opportunities never slip through the cracks.”

OnePageCRM’s Team Stream feature facilitated communication and coordination among team members, reducing the likelihood of duplicate actions and follow-ups. All relevant information, including notes, call logs, and emails, was stored under contact profiles visible to the entire team, minimizing administrative work and maximizing productivity.
The Pipeline feature played a pivotal role in PHA Media’s sales and follow-up process by providing a visual representation of upcoming tasks and allowing for the efficient assignment of actions. Additionally, the tags function enabled PHA Media to segment their contacts based on interests and industry type, benefiting both their sales process and broader marketing activities.

Timely Follow-Ups

OnePageCRM’s impact on PHA Media’s sales efforts became evident through success stories like the one involving a financial technology client. PHA Media explained,

“For one client in the financial technology space, OnePageCRM proved immeasurably useful in ensuring timely follow-ups and ultimately bringing them on board as a client.”

Over time OnePageCCRM’s reminders played a crucial role in nurturing the client relationship and securing the deal. PHA Media experienced a remarkable 84% increase in lead traffic, directly attributable to their adoption of OnePageCRM. The streamlined processes and enhanced prospecting capabilities made possible by the CRM meant less time spent on data administration and more time devoted to building relationships and generating leads.

In summary, PHA Media emphasized,

“If you’re looking for a user-friendly CRM system that does everything you want it to do, including increasing sales and client engagement, with an extremely helpful team on the other end of the phone in case of any questions, then OnePageCRM is the number one CRM choice.”


PHA Media’s journey to enhance their sales operations with OnePageCRM serves as a compelling case study of how a user-friendly CRM system can transform a business’s Dpproach to customer relationship management. The implementation of OnePageCRM allowed PHA Media to streamline their sDles processes, stay organized, and ultimately achieve significant growth in lead traffic. This success story underscores the importance of choosing the right CRM system to drive business development and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced PR industry.