A CRM for the Services Industry

Cleanomatics Solutions enhances visibility and streamlines essential corporate activities through Bigin.

The business entity

After 25 years working for several multinational and Indian organizations, such as Havells India Limited, Abhra returned to school and joined the esteemed Business Excellence Program at the HAAS School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. This was where he began Cleanomatics, a popular laundry and dry cleaning service in the university. From then on, the company has been expanding to India and the rest of the world. Currently, Cleanomatics has four locations in Kerela, Calcutta, Delhi, and Fermont (California). Additionally, there is a technology development center in the US.

“I was pretty much taken aback that Bigin is one-third of the subscription cost in comparison to a regular CRM software, yet the features and functionalities are almost on par.” Apratim Banerjee, – Head of Technology, Cleanomatics

The difficulties

Setting up a business during a pandemic and making it successful requires commitment. The strategy Banerjee employed was to make the most out of each lead they acquired. This is especially important for small firms, as each client and customer can significantly contribute to their growth. In 2020, Banerjee started using HubSpot and the team concentrated on fulfilling orders. Since a service-based company involves multiple teams such as service providers, field agents, logistics partners, and operations teams, it was essential to have transparency between them and automation. However, Banerjee soon realized that HubSpot was more of a marketing tool than a business solution and decided to look for a new CRM at the end of 2021.

“Bigin is the ideal platform for any startup.” Apratim Banerjee, – Head of Technology, Cleanomatics

The solution

Apratim Banerjee, the chief of technology, began looking for the ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to meet their needs. Cleanomatics’s marketing firm recommended Zoho to him. As he was assessing Zoho CRM, he discovered Bigin. His initial assessment of Bigin was enough to arouse his curiosity. He noted that the subscription cost for Bigin was a third of that of regular CRM software, yet the features and capabilities were almost identical. He observed Bigin to be user-friendly, and the basic functions were sufficient to manage a small enterprise. It only took the team three weeks to become familiar with a new CRM and set up the workflows, which changed their whole process as Bigin became a part of their daily work life. They abandoned the usage of Whatsapp and normal calls as they found a comprehensive solution with Bigin.

“As vendor and customers needed order visibility, we wanted to automate the entire business and found only Bigin to be the best suited in terms of integration.”

“As vendor and customers needed order visibility, we wanted to automate the entire business and found only Bigin to be the best suited in terms of integration.” Abhra R. Banerjee,CEO, Cleanomatics

Bigin was able to take business to the next level

Previously, HubSpot used multiple software for its operations. When they assessed Bigin, they discovered it was the perfect fit for their company. It unified all relevant parties—suppliers, agents, staff, and management. All communication between vendors and staff is done through Bigin. In addition to lead management, the process of managing orders until delivery is completely automated using Bigin workflows. Some of the main features used by Cleanomatics include email marketing, email configurations, and notifying customers of their order status. Furthermore, they benefit from hassle-free calling, digital transformation, increased visibility, increased productivity, and seamless integration. To integrate, Cleanomatics uses StoreHippo to receive orders and the data is transferred to Bigin through the Zapier integration. Bigin has been an asset to the company since the employees are comfortable with the system and it has improved day-to-day operations and improved efficiency.

“Bigin is an asset to the company. The employees are accustomed to the system. It has changed the day-to-day operation for the better and increased efficiency.” Apratim Banerjee – ,Head of Technology, Cleanomatics

Anticipating the future

For the past twelve months, Cleanomatics have been using Bigin, and they are keenly anticipating the innovative upgrades that have been incorporated. If they outlast the features of Bigin, they can move to Zoho CRM. The capacity to migrate their data within Zoho’s framework for future expansion has convinced them that they have chosen the correct platform! Built-in telephony, mobile application, a multitude of pipelines, activities & integration are some of the features that are included.

“The mobile app is as efficient as the Desktop Version.” Apratim Banerjee – ,Head of Technology, Cleanomatics

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