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About Hello Scotland


Hello Scotland is an energetic Destination Management Organisation that is wholeheartedly devoted to providing clients with vibrant, tailor-made experiences that not only create value but also leave a lasting impact. With a rich history dating back to 1996, the Hello Scotland team exudes passion and unwavering dedication in showcasing the very best that Scotland has to offer. Our approach is characterized by seamlessly aligning our offerings with the unique preferences and budgetary considerations of our clients, ensuring that companies receive optimal return on investment for their incentives and corporate events.

Since signing up with Really Simple Systems, we have really been able to take our customer service, marketing and communication to the next level. Elaine Hamilton, Hello Scotland

Delivering an exceptional and delightful experience lies at the core of Hello Scotland’s commitment to its esteemed clients in the travel and tourism industry. To elevate their customer service to new heights, they have made a strategic investment in a cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This powerful tool empowers them to offer unparalleled levels of personalized attention, effective event marketing, and seamless communication, thereby guaranteeing that all the vital prerequisites for Hello Scotland’s success and the ultimate customer satisfaction are met with utmost precision and finesse.

Simplifying Success: Discover the Perfect CRM Solution for Travel Agents

Hello Scotland faced the arduous challenge of finding the ideal CRM solution, an undertaking that required careful consideration. Above all, the organization recognized the importance of user-friendly software, understanding the pitfalls associated with complex systems. The primary goal was to avoid a situation where users failed to keep their data updated accurately. Elaine Hamilton, the Managing Director of Hello Scotland Ltd, shared her insight, stating, “We dedicated years to searching for an effortless CRM system to use. We even invested a substantial amount in a bespoke product that ultimately fell short of our expectations.” However, fortune smiled upon us when someone recommended Really Simple Systems, a game-changer that perfectly aligned with our requirements. Say goodbye to the pain and embrace a CRM solution designed to effortlessly streamline your success in the travel industry.

Since embracing Really Simple Systems, Hello Scotland has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its customer service, marketing, and communication endeavors. Elaine enthusiastically shared her experience, stating, “Signing up with Really Simple Systems has propelled us to new heights. The ability to generate a diverse range of reports directly from our CRM empowers us to craft personalized e-newsletters tailored to our suspects, prospects, and valued customers.” This newfound capability has not only enabled us to understand our customers’ desires but also deliver precisely what they seek.

Elaine further expressed her admiration for the system, highlighting its integral role in Hello Scotland’s daily operations. “It has become an indispensable tool within our system and procedures at Hello Scotland, supporting us in various aspects. From efficiently tracking our confirmed projects to effortlessly generating reports on payment statuses for our customers, Really Simple Systems has truly revolutionized our workflow.” Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the potential of a streamlined and dynamic CRM solution.

I can’t recommend the product, and the people, enough!  Elaine Hamilton, Hello Scotland

Unlocking Success: The Perfect Blend of Solution and Support for Hello Scotland

Choosing the right solution is crucial, but for Hello Scotland, it’s just one part of the equation. In a rapidly evolving customer-facing industry, having dedicated assistance and support from the vendor is equally vital. Elaine emphasized this aspect, stating, “The outstanding support and assistance provided by the team at Really Simple Systems are truly exceptional, whether it’s through Skype, telephone, or email.” This unwavering commitment to customer care has made a profound impact on Hello Scotland’s operations.

Elaine wholeheartedly recommended both the product and the team behind it, recognizing their invaluable contributions. She concluded by saying, “I cannot speak highly enough of the product and the people at Really Simple Systems. Their expertise and responsiveness have been instrumental in our success.” Hello Scotland’s journey serves as a testament to the remarkable synergy achieved when the right solution aligns with unparalleled support. Experience the winning combination and propel your business to new heights with Really Simple Systems.