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 Portugal-based company Lisbon Sintra Tours has achieved time savings of approximately five hours per week since implementing Bigin.


Lisbon Sintra Tours, a renowned Portugal-based company founded by Robin Savile in 2021, has become synonymous with delivering exceptional tour experiences in the picturesque city of Lisbon. Initially focused on Sintra, the company expanded its offerings to include single-day and multi-day tours across Portugal. With a team of local experts dedicated to providing insightful cultural experiences, Lisbon Sintra Tours faced a pivotal challenge in optimizing their business processes.

Previously relying on Notion, a software solution, to manage customer details and daily activities, the company encountered limitations in scalability. Realizing the need for a robust CRM system to build their business processes around, they embarked on a search for a solution that seamlessly integrated with their website, allowed for efficient management of customer information and deal progress, integrated with Google Workspace for streamlined email communication, and offered flexibility in commitment.

Enter Bigin, the CRM solution that not only met but exceeded Lisbon Sintra Tours’ expectations. During the evaluation process, they encountered numerous CRM options that fell short of their requirements for a well-structured sales funnel and workflow management. However, Bigin emerged as the ideal choice, aligning perfectly with their needs and providing a comprehensive solution for their business challenges.

Utilizing Bigin for Business Operations

  1. Responding to Inquiries and Emails: With Bigin’s seamless integration with Google Workspace, Lisbon Sintra Tours has achieved smooth collaboration and communication through emails. The ability to create standardized, shareable email response templates has proven invaluable, saving time and ensuring consistency across teams. The Tasks feature in Bigin enhances their ability to manage incoming inquiries effectively, creating a seamless experience for both customers and internal teams. The Signals feature further ensures that crucial notifications are never overlooked.
  2. Managing Payments: Bigin has become the hub for Lisbon Sintra Tours’ financial processes. They can monitor customer payment statuses and record transactions efficiently within the system. The integration with Zoho Invoice and Stripe simplifies the invoicing and payment collection process, providing a streamlined approach to their financial operations.
  3. Built-in Telephony (Pending Authorization): While awaiting authorization for phone calls with a Portuguese number, the company plans to consolidate their communication channels under Bigin. Once authorized, they intend to make and receive calls through the platform, enhancing their communication capabilities.
  4. Integration with Zoho Flow: Leveraging the power of Zoho Flow, Lisbon Sintra Tours connects their contact form (Paperform) with Bigin. This integration automates data transfer between the contact form and Bigin, ensuring a smooth lead capture process. The company is also poised to explore Bigin’s new forms features in the near future.

“I’ve used and evaluated CRMs like Salesforce, Odoo, Bitrix, Zoho CRM, Insightly, PipeDrive, ClientJoy, Sage CRM, and But Bigin met our business requirements in a way that no other tool was able to.” – Robin Savile. Founder, Lisbon Sintra Tours

Benefits and Return on Investment

The implementation of Bigin has yielded significant benefits for Lisbon Sintra Tours, underscoring its positive impact on operations and overall business success:

  • Time Savings: By adopting Bigin, the company has saved an estimated five hours per week, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Bigin has improved connectivity between various business systems, creating a more integrated and streamlined workflow.
  • Strategic Insights: The use of Bigin’s dashboards has provided Lisbon Sintra Tours with an elevated perspective on business performance, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Operational Efficiency: Tasks and Signals within Bigin have contributed to increased day-to-day operational efficiency, ensuring that important tasks are prioritized and executed promptly.
  • Foundation for Growth: With Bigin, Lisbon Sintra Tours has established a solid foundation for business development and growth, setting the stage for future success.

“Bigin has been instrumental in helping me stay on top of my business and handle client requests in the most efficient way. It’s saving me hours and hours every week, and for that I’m very grateful.” – Robin Savile – Founder, Lisbon Sintra Tours

Looking Forward

As Lisbon Sintra Tours continues its journey, the company envisions leveraging more automation to further streamline business processes and optimize efficiency. With a commitment to embracing technological advancements, they plan to explore additional features within Bigin, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation in the highly competitive tourism industry.

“Truly, in terms of bang for your buck, and in terms of functionality and flexibility, Bigin is the best SMB CRM on the market, without a shadow of a doubt.” – Robin Savile –  Founder, Lisbon Sintra Tours

In conclusion, the case study of Lisbon Sintra Tours and their successful integration of Bigin serves as a compelling narrative of how a well-tailored CRM solution can transform business operations, enhance customer experiences, and lay the groundwork for sustained growth in a dynamic market landscape.