A CRM for the Media & Newspaper Industry

Family Media Group is Northern Ireland’s market-leading family media group, comprising the monthly magazine Ni4kids, this website, the Family Directory and numerous social media platforms. See what they have to say about Maximizer CRM

Key outcomes

  • Improved productivity and team performance
  • Smooth transition of CRM into business operations
  • Improved sales processes with centralized customer info
  • Improved customer service
  • More effective marketing with better targeting
  • Automation of common processes.
“Maximizer CRM is very straight forward and is a great way to automate and streamline much of what we were doing
already. Being able to efficiently input and recover data has helped improve our sales processes.” Gary Hamilton, Managing Director, Ni4kids

Family Media Organisation facilitates growth with Maximizer CRM

Since their inception in 2000, NI4Kids have seen rapid growth in a competitive market to the extent that their business systems were not able to cope with the significant increase in business activity.

As a small business, NI4Kids had relied on Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word to manage client contact details, marketing, sales and communications. However as the business began to grow, they began to notice cracks in their systems and processes. By having a poorly connected database or documents repository it was becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently access information and there was nowhere to store valuable client information for future use.

Gary Hamilton, Managing Director of NI4Kids, saw that they required a tool that would help manage all their customer information, enabling them to continue their growth and have a system that would work how they wanted to work. “We recognized that to continue to develop and grow our business we needed a central, focused point for information that would allow us to capture additional information, interrogate the database, search our contacts, segment and target our advertisers as well as such as storing it in a standardized format that could be accessed in real time.”

Why Maximizer CRM?

NI4Kids looked at a number of different CRM solutions that would meet their business needs, and after various consultations chose CRM consultancy ProAptivity to provide Maximizer CRM. Maximizer CRM was chosen because of its ease of access and value in terms of price, functionality and user experience.

“A key aspect for choosing Maximizer CRM was that we could go with a cost-effective solution” says Gary. “Not only was it user friendly and easily integrated into our current systems but it was also able to meet our initial requirements from day one and adapt with our business as we continue to grow”

The implementation

NI4Kids were impressed with the ease of deployment and access options that Maximizer bought to the table. Maximizer Certified Solution Partner ProAptivity ensured a smooth implementation of Maximizer CRM into NI4Kids operations so users could adapt straight away without any headaches.

“Once we decided upon Maximizer we met with Proaptivity who provided us with the advice and support we need when it came to selecting which version of the software our business needed” Gary continues. “They implemented the solution smoothly with minimal business disruption and were also able to provide our staff with training which helped ensure we were able to start using the system straight away.”

Niall McCaffrey, Managing Director of ProAptivity adds “CRM business applications are really starting to come into their own in terms of helping organizations adapt and expand in the difficult economic climate. NI4Kids had a clear business need to store and access client data in a central area which they could access in real time. With Maximizer CRM clients see a tangible improvement in management information they can obtain which in turn assists in making key business decisions, responding to market trends and helps give the company a competitive advantage. This is not to mention the productivity gains NI4kids have experienced at a day to day operational level.”

Maximizer in action

Gary Hamilton concludes “Maximizer CRM is very straight forward and is a great way to automate and streamline much of what we were doing already. Being able to efficiently input and recover data has helped improve our sales processes; we now have all the information we need in a single location which means we no longer have to go looking for it. Maximizer has helped improve our productivity and the level of customer service we deliver to our customers.”


NI4Kids, Northern Ireland’s market-leading family media group implements global brand Maximizer Software’s Customer Relationship Management to help with communications, business development and growth management.

NI4Kids produce media products aimed at families and parents of primary school aged children and aim to provide parents with useful information on education, health, parenting, entertainment and fun things to do for all the family, whether in the home or out and about around Northern Ireland.

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