“Unleash Your Real Estate Potential with IXACT Contact: Explore the Remarkable Perks of a CRM!

An Article by SmallBizCRM Staff – 6 February 2023

Do you ever wonder why your real estate agent has such great reviews on social media? Maybe they have a unique selling proposition that other agents can’t match. Or perhaps their Instagram feed is filled with pictures of their kids and their beautiful homes. But regardless of why they have the great reviews, it’s not just because they are an awesome individual who happens to work as your real estate agent. It’s also because real estate agents are tight-knit communities where members support each other and help one another succeed in real estate. In today’s world, where almost everyone is connected via social media, it’s no wonder why so many people are getting into real estate as a career. Working as a professional real estate agent allows you to build strong relationships with customers and vendors from all walks of life. It also provides you with a steady stream of new business every day.

Real estate agents need to stay organized and on top of their game in order to succeed. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can provide them with the tools they need to do just that. With a CRM, real estate agents can track leads, manage contacts, automate tasks, and more from one centralized platform. This article will discuss the amazing benefits a CRM can afford a real estate agent and how it can help them become more efficient and successful in their business.

In the three videos below Real Estate professionals speak out: on ow CRM is revolutionizing the way they do business.

Find out what all these agents are talking about

How does IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM compare to that of Top Producer’s?

What makes IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM superior to that of Top Producer’s?  See what real estate agents have to say in the short video above and find out how easy it is to use their contact management system. They’ve prepared a summary of all of the system’s functions so that you may get to know it quickly and easily.

How do real estate agents use IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM to grow their businesses?

Keith Roy, a real estate agent and satisfied IXACT Contact customer, says that his team uses IXACT’s real estate CRM to do “pretty much everything in the office.” IXACT helps his team create everything from mailer labeling for clients to email marketing to agent reminders, including important dates and times to get in touch with clients.

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