Enhance your efficiency by using Capsule CRM’s new AI Content Helper

SmallBizCRM Staff – January 5th 2023


Welcome to the cutting-edge era of content creation in 2024! Bid farewell to the days of grappling with writer’s block and staring at a blank page—introducing the AI Content Assistant, your ultimate solution for effortless and efficient content generation.

The AI Content Assistant is a game-changer, empowering you to compose compelling emails with just a click of a button. Say goodbye to the time-consuming search for ideas; all you need to do is inform Capsule’s assistant about your desired subject, email type, and tone, and watch as it crafts engaging content that captivates your audience.

Take full control of your content with the AI Content Assistant. Whether you want to seamlessly integrate it into an email or customize it further, leverage Capsule’s information to add that unique touch without starting from scratch.

Accessing the AI Content Assistant is a breeze. Simply navigate to a Person or Organization Contact Record, an Opportunity, or a Project, and click on the Send Email button. Once the Email Composer is launched, a new button beside the Templates option activates the AI Content Assistant.

Updating clients on project progress or discussing next steps becomes a breeze with the AI Content Assistant. Enter relevant information, and let it generate the perfect email content tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking to revamp your emails to potential customers, Capsule’s AI Content Assistant has you covered. It can effortlessly rewrite your existing emails, injecting freshness into your communication.

Capsule offers various plans with monthly usage limits:

  • Free version: 10 Chat GPT AI Content Assists
  • Pro version: 10 Chat GPT AI Content Assists
  • Teams: 1000 Chat GPT AI Content Assists
  • Enterprises: 1000 Chat GPT AI Content Assists

In the ever-evolving online landscape, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential risks. Protect yourself from cybercrime by practicing caution in sharing information, using secure passwords, and keeping software up to date. Knowing and addressing these hazards reduces the likelihood of falling prey to digital criminals.

The process of eliminating plagiarism involves restructuring the text without altering its meaning. AI Content Assistant streamlines this task, making it simple for users of all expertise levels to enhance productivity and sidestep potential obstacles.

Embark on a journey of increased efficiency and creativity with Capsule’s AI Assistant. Discover the unparalleled benefits today and witness why it stands as the quintessential tool for swift email creation!

Why Capsule CRM is such  highly recommended CRM Softwire Solution

Capsule CRM earns high recommendations for its seamless and intuitive interface, empowering businesses with a user-friendly solution for efficient customer relationship management. What sets Capsule apart is its revolutionary AI Content Assistant, elevating it in the CRM software hierarchy. This cutting-edge feature eradicates content creation hassles by generating tailored and engaging emails with just a click. Its ability to comprehend user preferences, coupled with an effortless integration into various workflows, positions Capsule as an indispensable CRM tool. With the AI Content Assistant, Capsule not only streamlines operations but also spearheads innovation, making it a top choice for businesses seeking a dynamic CRM solution.