Why your Fitness Center/Health Club/Gym needs a CRM

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The primary business of every health club isn’t fitness. It’s maintaining good customer relationships by providing excellent service.

You can have the best facility, amenities, and programs in the world, but if customers have bad experiences, they won’t stay. And sub-par service certainly won’t help generate referrals or lead to new sales—you’ll lose business and your reputation will suffer.

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Efficiently Managing a Fitness Center

Stay organized and on track at all times.




Manage client fitness progress

  • Keep track of goals by using a timeline
  • Use boards to manage a personalized training program for each client
  • Record client weight loss progress
  • Visualize client diet plans with our boards
  • Upload photos that indicate progress over time


Manage employee shift schedules

By using a visual timeline feature, you will be able to track your employee’s shifts and keep your team on the same page.

Achieve better employee management by easily seeing an overview of shift schedules. Assign shifts in advance to efficiently plan your weeks. Use a tool that will allow you to work in a synchronized and effortless manner.


Track activities online

Track weekly activity schedules with a customizable team management software.

Your clients can also use the software to visualize their own activity schedules and share knowledge and goals with each other. All information can be displayed in an organized and engaging manner.



Manage Your Fitness Center Billing Process

Our software management tool will enable you better manage your payments system and never miss a single transaction. Use our board to share information between coworkers and to make sure that all the customers pay on time. Assign each customer to a Pulse that contains information about his payment program.