A CRM for those in the field of Education

Find out more about One Education’s quest for the perfect CRM Solution & the role Really Simple Systems  (Spotler CRM) played


About One Education



Schools, academies, and multi-academy trusts can all benefit from the professional services of One Education. The team consists of former head teachers, teachers, and school business managers, all of whom are knowledgeable in the field of education and bring extensive experience to the table. In addition, highly qualified and experienced personnel are also part of the team.

The objective of their specialist services is to make a considerable, beneficial effect on the training of kids and teenagers, enhancing both student results and the educational experience in academies and schools.

The Pursuit of the Ideal CRM

As stated by Mark Seddon, who is serving as the Director of IT and Business Development at One Education, they were previously using Sage CRM, yet it was not able to handle their needs. Consequently, they were in search of a CRM that was easy to use and provided the necessary support for their desired workflow.

Mark conducted a web search which resulted in him discovering Really Simple Systems (RSS). “Subsequently, I got in touch with Lisa Kilmister, the Account Manager and CRM Customisation Manager at RSS, and this resulted in us arranging a face-to-face meeting.”

Mark and his team had faith in the customizability of the Really Simple Systems CRM after the initial meeting demonstrated its capabilities.

Mark adds, “We were introduced to Really Simple Systems not long after and began to use their CRM. Initially, it was just for the Education Psychology team’s case management requirements, but it then progressed to incorporate the HR team and replace Sage CRM. When that functioned well, I included the Sales & Marketing divisions as well.”

Our growth and future plans are intertwined with the Really Simple Systems CRM). It’s not only a great product to work with, but the team has been a great organisation to work with. Mark Seddon, One Education

The business has developed customizations for their CRM that span across different departments. Some were a fast fix, and others were more intricate and specific. The true power of the CRM has been its user-friendly nature, combined with its ability to be customized. This has been the key to success. “We’ve been able to increase our customer base by 50%, thanks to Really Simple Systems” is displayed. The success of the company is credited to their use of Really Simple Systems.

We were approached by One Education for help with a distinct issue related to case management. After many hours of hard work, with the participation of our Development Manager in a site visit, we were able to produce a tailor-made answer. says Lisa Kilmister, the Sales Manager of Really Simple Systems.

One Education came to us with a unique problem around case management and together we worked really hard, including a site visit with our Development Manager, to create a bespoke solution. Lisa Kilmister, Really Simple Systems Sales Manager

Tailored Integrations and Personalisation of CRM Systems

Mark shared that One Education had been having problems with the way they handled their contracts between departments. He said, “Previously, we had been inefficient in dealing with the service contracts and the duplication of effort coupled with manual processes meant that a lot of time was being thrown away. Furthermore, since there were multiple teams generating contracts for different products and services, there was no standardization.”

To deal with this, Really Simple Systems developed a customer-friendly online document signing tool. This allows One Education to gain an all-inclusive view of the full contract lifecycle, with the convenience of being done online.

Mark noted that the Really Simple Systems CRM has helped them streamline their contract management system and put all of the required information in one place. Their contracts administrators now have access to the necessary data and can check the status of the contracts quickly. This was a very laborious and time consuming process a year ago, requiring them to contact each customer individually to get the relevant information. Thanks to the CRM, that is no longer an issue. They can run reports with ease to check on the customer’s progress.

The expansion and long-term intentions of our company are closely linked to Really Simple Systems CRM. We find them to not only be an excellent product to collaborate with, but additionally, the team has been a wonderful organisation to partner with. says Mark Seddon of One Education.

Constant Custom Projects

Really Simple Systems has been collaborating with Mark and his team at One Education, exploring and implementing customisation options to improve their workflow. Currently, they are working on a project that will connect One Education’s Sage Accounts programme to their CRM, allowing them to establish a total sales cycle.

Upon conclusion of this task, One Education intends to carry on with further initiatives to customize its CRM to its own requirements.