CASE STUDY: CRM for the IT Industry – TTI Wireless – Zendesk Sell (Base CRM)

IT company makes a bold switch and finds good data is easy to come by with Zendesk Sell (Base CRM) – Meet TTI About the Company TTI Wireless is a New Jersey based IT company that provides communications services. For the past decade, they’ve increasingly deployed wifi services across various industries. The Challenge TTI Wireless is a…

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CASE STUDY: CRM for Consultants – Peritus Digital – Zendesk Sell (Base)

Peritus Digital rapidly deploys seamless invoicing solution with Zendesk Sell (Base CRM) API – Meet Peritus Digital About the Company Peritus Digital is a New York-based technology consulting and development agency devoted to building world-class, one-of-a-kind web applications and web-based businesses. The Challenge A Peritus client was…

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CASE STUDY: CRM for the Beauty & Wellness industry – Zeel – Zendesk Sell (Base CRM)

Mobile health and wellness company shapes sales strategy with Zendesk Sell – Meet Zeel About the Company Zeel is a mobile health and wellness company that offers same day, in-home, on-demand massages for customers across the country. The Challenge Zeel is an on-demand massage booking service that revolutionizes the concept of R&R. Their…

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CASE STUDY: CRM for the Pharmaceutical & Pharmaceutical industry – Sartorius Stedim Biotech – Zendesk Sell (Base)

Global biomedical leader uses Zendesk Sell for sales productivity & forecasting – Meet Sartorius Stedim Biotech About the Company Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. The Challenge Following…

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CASE STUDY: CRM for Construction Companies – CAMP Construction Services – Zendesk Sell (Base)

Meet CAMP Construction Services Sell brings quick insights and powerful solutions to a thriving construction company. About the Company A Texas based construction company, CAMP Construction Services is a multi-family organization that oversees full scale renovations, roofing, and disaster relief projects across the U.S. The Challenge Over the…

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Worketc tekRESCUE Case study

CASE STUDY: CRM for the IT Industry – tekRESCUE – WORKetc

WORKetc CRM Leads Texas IT Firm Out of Inefficient ‘Wild West Days’  For the Love of Tech Randy Bryan spent 20 years of his life as a pastor. Two decades of service to his faith never did, however, make him lose sight of his first love: technology. “I’ve … been a tech person for as long as I can remember,” he recalls. “My calling as a pastor, I…

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Atcom - Technologys worketc process

CASE STUDY: CRM for the IT Industry – Atcom – WORKetc

IT Firm Helps 5x More Customers Without Adding New Staff Thanks to WORKetc CRM In the past six years, Perth-based IT firm Atcom Technology has experienced unprecedented growth. According to director Malissa Fonte, they’re now seeing seven times the number of support endpoints, the company’s bread and butter, compared to six years ago. Now, any…

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Daylite - Pinnacle

CASE STUDY: CRM for Consultants – Pinnacle – Daylite

How Pinnacle Uses Daylite To Nurture & Grow Relationships with Clients Raed Bilbessi is the Founder and CEO of Pinnacle, a boutique business and marketing consulting firm. Pinnacle provides Jordanian organizations with practical and results-driven solutions to their business and marketing challenges and has been serving clients since 2007. We…

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SKYFORM - Daylite

CASE STUDY: CRM for Designers – SKYFORM – Daylite

Why SKYFORM, a Creative Studio in Slovakia, Uses One Word To Sum Up Daylite: Fantastic Finding the right software solutions for a business can be tricky. For some, it’s love at first sight. You ask a friend or colleague what they use, try it out for yourself, and after falling in love with it you never look back. For others, it can take ages of…

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CASE STUDY: CRM for Photographers – Jim Jordan/White Circle – Daylite

Meet Jim Jordan- Celebrity Fashion Photographer & Branding Expert Jim Jordan is the founder of Jim Jordan Photography and White Cross. Jim is a celebrity fashion photographer, director, talent manager, and branding expert with offices in Los Angeles and New York. He has photographed celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mila…

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