PIESYNC INTEGRATION – Connect and sync data between apps

The PieSync integration lets you add new features in your account:

  • Connect more than 200 apps with Kommo, fka amoCRM
  • All of the data sync is created on PieSync’s website
  • Data from connected apps will be imported in your Kommo, fka amoCRM account

Why do Kommo, fka amoCRM, users love PieSync?

PieSync lets you connect your favorite apps together and fully sync data between them. With hundreds of apps to connect, it helps you create the perfect workflow.

Why do PieSync users love Kommo, fka amoCRM?

PieSync users can connect supported amoCRM apps, share data, and improve their workflows.

PieSync and Kommo, fka amoCRM,– better together

With the PieSync integration, amoCRM users can connect and share data between apps that are not available in the amoCRM Integrations page.
You will be able to add your favorite app in amoCRM even if it hasn’t been added in-house by our team.

Cool ways to use PieSync and Kommo, fka amoCRM

  • Unlock access to hundreds of apps and sync data in your amoCRM account
  • Do not see an app you use in the Settings > Integrations page in amoCRM?
    Check out PieSync and if the app is listed there, you will be able to easily connect it with amoCRM
  • Once connected, data will be shared and regularly imported in amoCRM

How to connect PieSync

PieSync app connections and data sync are created on PieSync’s website.
Create an account, login and authorize the apps you want to connect and choose the settings.

What do you need?

  • Available on all plans
  • PieSync account