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“RapidFunnel is one of the most effective, efficient ways for teams and enterprises to increase engagement and productivity; it’s like a marketing agency right in your smartphone”

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Published : March 2019
  • Product Features
  • Tons of analytical features
  • Powerful, intelligent lead scoring algorithm with detailed activity log
  • Multi channel campaigns via sms, email, social media
  • Gamification for creating a competitive environment within the company
  • Detailed surveys to get you more insights into your customers’ preferences

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Influencer marketing and authentic customer relationships are of immense interest to traditional advertisers right now. It’s this person-to-person connection that RapidFunnel takes, and continues to build on, in a very friendly, personal way.

While it has several cold market features, RapidFunnel is an ideal tool for a “warm” market. It is most effective in the Direct Sales industry and works incredibly well for small businesses and franchises. The majority of RapidFunnel users are organizations looking to benefit from having their story and vision shared with the masses while making better use of its salesforce knowledge and expertise. Thus, RapidFunnel is the ideal solution for streamlining sales processes and building better prospects for organizations and businesses in the insurance industry, massage/physical therapists, HVAC industry, automotive repair, car sales, real estate and so forth.


RapidFunnel may not be the most suitable option for companies with high employee turnover, or a workforce that’s unlikely to meet or build relationships with the demographic that the company sells to. In other words, any company that can say, “I don’t really care if any of my employees generate qualified leads, that’s not our model.” is not a fit for RapidFunnel. The App is also not suitable for low margin FMCG retail businesses.


RapidFunnel has a tiered pricing model, depending on the number of users. Their base level pricing is relatively standard and competitive, though additional costs such as setup fees and add-ons could increase the overall expenditure. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Users Monthly Price

1 – 10           $299 (eg +$29 pu pm)

11 – 25         $499

26 – 50         $899

51 – 100        $1499

101 – 200      $1899

201+             POA. Custom pricing available over the phone

They also charge a one-time account setup/activation fee which is $399 for basic plan and $799 for Premium plan.

The Basic Plan includes complete set up with: 1 Capture Page, 1 Email Campaign, up to 15 Resources, custom colors and logo, 1 live Zoom training call to demonstrate how to use RapidFunnel.

The Premium Plan comes bundled with complete set up with: 3 Capture Pages, 2 Email Campaigns, up to 50 Resources, custom colors and logo, 1 live Zoom training call to demonstrate how to use RapidFunnel.

Add ons also come at a price i.e. capture page – $99 each,  email campaigns – $299 (up to 12 emails/campaign).


PC, Android, iOS


Direct Sales, Small Businesses and Franchises. (i.e. –  Insurance/Financial Services Agencies, National Franchise Companies, Home Services Companies, Automotive Sales and Service, Network Marketing Companies and similar).


75000 downloads with 25000 active users


  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Functions as an excellent relationship-based marketing tool
  • Highly convenient and flexible task management
  • Email drip campaigns are fully automated, in fact all tracking is fully automated.
  • Uploads all related digital company resources automatically during sign up
  • Mobile First Platform – Super Smartphone-friendly and enables the user to take their business wherever they go
  • White labeling for the app is available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • Incentives, rewards and recognition through gamification add interest and increase engagement
  • The “back office” of the app offers excellent insights and analytics thanks to sophisticated algorithms that constantly track user engagement


  • Set Up process isn’t as straightforward as it could possibly be, but RapidFunnel will assist clients with a complete and comprehensive implementation
  • Takes a while to familiarize oneself with the its rich functions and features
  • Limited standard integration options, but their open API allows for extensive integration
  • No business card reader

RapidFunnel is all about measuring the prospect’s enagement and the user’s productivity allowing user’s to save, track and follow-up with potential prospects and clients from anywhere that has wi-fi!

RapidFunnel can be what one could consider a “light” CRM, that primarily accomplishes three things:

  1. Gives sales teams or employee “evangelists” within organizations simple technology that extends initial contact with an individual by automating continued touchpoints.
  2. Gives sales leaders a successfully duplicatable method for onboarding new team members, which also allows them to view individual stats for improved training/retention.
  3. Records data right from point of first exposure, supplying easily measurable stats on how resources, incentives and individuals are performing in real time.

The RapidFunnel App incorporates the functionality of an effective CRM with the convenience of having sales processes streamlined and operated via any smartphone device.

Unlike other available CRMs RapidFunnel sets employee and customer engagement as its top priority through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The interface allows individuals, teams and organizations to connect and interact with their customers more effectively, easily and professionally, as materials are all branded and written to your company style. RapidFunnel uses sophisticated algorithms to highlight potential prospects that show higher interest in the materials shared deeming them as ‘hot prospects’, and sends real-time notifications about their engagement. This makes it easy for any sales team to identify the best follow-up opportunities.

The RapidFunnel App is also one of the most effective and efficient ways to streamline your business’s sales processes and is an excellent relationship-based marketing tool that is ideal for businesses looking to share their story with potential clients to gain both awareness and sales.

In short, RapidFunnel is a marketing agency suite of tools that allows employees and customers alike to engage, interact and communicate on the move.

Unique Selling Proposition

What largely sets RapidFunnel apart is they gamify lead generation through a very powerful, but super easy to use App. From there, their algorithms identify which leads are most engaged/interested, for seriously simplified follow up. This creates success faster for users and builds confidence in their abilities to share their business.

Everything in the Platform is built around increasing the lead measure which is, how many times the company’s story gets told. In simple terms, they increase the quantity and quality of prospecting and follow up.

Also worthy of mention is the built-in analytics and their importance in determining which content is most successful and which needs to be updated or changed.

Have you read the book, “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by Sean Covey?  The RapidFunnel platform is in alignment with those principles and methodologies to help users succeed and reach their goals.

 RapidFunnel further differentiates itself from the many other sale CRMs available online by incorporating gamification as a way to measure customer engagement, salesforce productivity and employee participation, through rewards and incentive programs built right into the app. 86% of people surveyed say they don’t know how to share their company’s story; RapidFunnel answers that need and then gives them more.

The gamification and rewards aspect of the App is perhaps its greatest unique selling proposition. Recent stats from top leaders showing that adding gamification resulted in a 30% + increase in team exposures made, over months without a reward in place, AND a correlated jump in production and recruiting as high as 90%!

RapidFunnel also creates a completely branded environment for each of their clients. After initial contact, all continued touchpoints with a team’s prospects are automated and viewed within this environment, packaged with real time analytics about their interaction.

RapidFunnel incorporates unique algorithms that identify the most engaged/interested leads right on the homepage allowing for quick and easy follow-ups. The user-friendly interface combined with these intuitive algorithms make RapidFunnel one of the best CRMs in terms of increasing the overall quantity and quality of prospecting and follow-ups.

Most other CRMs out there use a similar vernacular around funnels, business analytics, etc. and have common features like capture pages and surveys; but none of them are peer-to-peer, closed loop systems, nor do they offer instant personalization and setup with no effort required from the individual user.

How popular is it?

RapidFunnel has been in the market for about four years and is gaining popularity quickly thanks to its unique features and benefits. At present, RapidFunnel has been downloaded over 75,000 times and has about 25,000 active users – a number that continues to climb, month over month.

Free Trial & Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as downloading and installing the App from the App store or Google Play and signing in with your selected username and password. One can also sign in as a new user by entering the group code of the company or business they work for and then filling up a basic form. The group code acts as a private invitation code that automatically loads up company resources, including campaigns and available reward programs, which the user can send out instantly, already personalized to them, viewed within their company’s branded environment.

Their new wizard makes the whole sign up and getting started part a snap!

Once signed in, a detailed and instructive video demo explains the many benefits and features of the application and its many applicable uses. RapidFunnel offers a fast and simple download and installation process.

Mobile friendly

RapidFunnel is designed as a Mobile First Platform, as it was created specifically for organizations and individuals that need to be mobile with their business. So, as a CRM tool for your smartphone, RapidFunnel excels. The App gives users the tools to share everything about their company right in their hand, anywhere they go. Keeping up with prospective clients and leads, or simply sharing about products and services has never been simpler or more convenient.

RapidFunnel supports both native mobile applications (iOS and Android) and also has a desktop web application. The RapidFunnel experience has been tailored to match whatever device one is using without compromising on performance, and has proven to be a lifesaver for many sales reps who make sales away from their desks. It’s also perfect for network marketers who do business anywhere and everywhere, or for employee “evangelists” to easily share information about their organization wherever they end up in a conversation about it. They could offer to text over a coupon to try a product or service, for example.

3rd Party Integrations

RapidFunnel allows users to post anything from their library of digital resources directly to any social media platform that they are connected to on their devices. The App can also track these social interactions using intelligent analytics to gain insight on the level of interest and overall user engagement.

While there are not too many out-of-the-box 3rd-party integrations, their open API allows you to manage the flow of data to and from the app, and create many additional integrations if necessary.

Putting RapidFunnel to The Test

A good sales CRM should be adept at keeping contacts organized, managed and categorized without much complication or effort. A good sales CRM should also be able to automate many of the mundane features of the sales process to increase efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of using a sales CRM is undeniable for any business. So how does RapidFunnel fare on this test?

Getting Organized

The easy to use intuitive interface combined with intelligent algorithms helps in the organization of relevant data in the most effective manner possible. RapidFunnel specializes in contact and company management while also providing a wide-array of digitized company resources; all organized in a manner that is accessible and convenient for users.

The potentially laborious admin of adding a new contact is simple and the added feature of allocating a star rating to each new contact helps in the prioritization of prospective clients. This inevitably leads to better client management and greater productivity as employees can prioritize focus on clients that have the best star ratings as they are likely to be the warmest leads.

These self-categorized star ratings are further complemented by analytics that increase/decrease star ratings based on the contact’s interaction with emails, texts and resources sent – in real time – so the most interested leads are always at the top of the Hot Prospect list.

The App also includes all other common organizational features such as scheduling, event invites, added notes, calendar and amazing analytics that give you and your team the best chance of closing sales.

The activity log option shows all the activity conducted by your clients in chronological order, just like a news feed. The amazing tracking features of RapidFunnel are able to not only reveal whether a client has watched a video or marketing email sent to them but also the exact duration spent viewing each video. These unique insights and details provide amazing feedback on a client’s overall interest and level of engagement, and can only result in higher conversions. These insights also enable you to fine-tune your marketing materials, depending on the CTR and conversion data information you have access to.

Sales Management

RapidFunnel has many amazing features to help with the sales management process, especially when it comes to relationship-based marketing.

The ‘Hot Prospect’ feature automatically activates when a client reaches 50 points, sending out a push notification that helps you initiate a sale at the best time possible. The most effective sales management features are the capture pages, surveys, personalized email campaigns, videos, webinars and more that are all built-in according to client specifications. This means that prospects can be moved from one funnel to the next, as designed and co-created with the client that greatly helps in streamlining the sales process.

Real-time analytics and statistics improve sales activity in the field and also increase the quality of resources and leads being used by teams/employees.

The gamification feature of the app is a game changer as an excellent way to engage and motivate both customers and employees to achieve set goals and targets. The rewards and incentives feature generates healthy competition and motivates the sales team to perform better.

Marketing and Service

RapidFunnel lets you reach out to your contact via several modern channels such as sms, email and social profiles. Moreover, it’s able to store a vast library of company’s digital resources right in the app which makes it easy for the sales team to send marketing information via text, email or social media with just a few clicks. Pre-written texts and messaging are all personalized to the user and branded with company colors/logo.

When a new employee downloads the App and enters the group code, RapidFunnel automatically downloads everything related to the company without the user having to create or do anything except get out and talk to more people. Pre-loaded, fully automated and personalized drip campaigns are made available to employees immediately that can be sent to prospects as one begins to grow their network.

A coaching section allows training modules to be set-up to help hone and improve selling skills and techniques for new employees and provide refreshers for seasoned veterans.

Last but not the least, they have a unique event management system that lets you add events to the calendar. You can share and invite people to these events with just a couple of taps on your mobile screen, and also track their response, if they went, how long they stayed, etc.


RapidFunnel is constantly working on improving its interface and adding new features to make the app as responsive as possible to their clients’ real-life business needs.

We have been told that RapidFunnel has a few things in the pipeline with the biggest one being the integration of the App with multiple live webinar platforms. The developers are also working on the ability for the App to connect via an API with any lead generation platform of choice. Integration with different platforms is essential for improved usability and convenience.

In Conclusion

RapidFunnel is one of the emerging new breeds of CRM software, and is a unique and powerful sales-management and relationship-based marketing tool that will assist in improving engagement, productivity and sales. In fact, RapidFunnel moves beyond the realm of conventional/traditional CRM software, to the extent one is a bit reluctant to apply the restrictive CRM moniker to it.

The RapidFunnel App has remarkable tracking algorithms that help provide the best insights on prospective clients based on their activity and interest. This all-inclusive CRM system is bound to improve overall sales performance and lead to a more efficient and productive sales force, that will simply love using this contemporary sales tool, especially on their smartphones.

RapidFunnel invites businesses to ask for a personalized demo, and then judge for themselves whether this is the best CRM for their business.

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