September 2020 Newsletter

I hope you’re managing to process this new, unanticipated dynamic that has been so abruptly foisted on us! I suppose all one can do is try make best of the situation, and somehow look for the opportunities. So here are some hot tools that might be of great assistance to help you maximize your productivity and profits in these tricky times


  • Less Annoying CRM. Great for companies with longer, more complex sales cycles, like engineering firms.
  • amoCRM. A powerful messaging based CRM, for those dependent on comms via Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger and many more.
  • Gmelius. If your business operates in the GSuite sphere, check them out.
  • CapsuleCRM. A strong, flexible CRM ideal for many business environments.
  • Your CRM Case Studies Wanted! Get a free plug for your company and your vendor.
  • FREEBIE. Grappling with managing your social media? Get this free cheatsheet packed with ideas, by maestro Angie Gensler.
  • Time Doctor. Essential for those struggling to manage the time of distributed teams and remote workers.

Less Annoying CRM

You’ve got to love the name, and it’s quite a name to live up to, if you think about it. Less Annoying CRM is a versatile CRM that especially ideal for smaller teams that provide/sell services or bigger ticket products with longer sales cycles, and/or have many touch points during and after the sales process. Engineering firms would be a good example.

They provide all onboarding, account setup and training for free, so no problem if you don’t have an IT Dept!

One of the best value-for-money CRM solutions on the market, supported by excellent service.

Pricing is a simple $15 pu/pm, with no hidden costs.



amoCRM have, over time, been positioning themselves as the Messaging CRM of choice. Those industries and companies that are heavily reliant on strong messaging systems, need look no further than amoCRM.

amoCRM tightly integrates and synchronises with the most popular messenger apps: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram and more, as well as email services like Gmail.

Pricing starts from $15 pu/pm.

You can take a tour, get a demo or try it out for free for 14 days here:


Growing from strength-to-strength, and boasting over 150k users, Gmelius is the perfect fit for companies that work in teams, with great integration to GSuite, Gmail, Google Meet, Trello, Slack and several others. Gmelius is an indispensable tool set for team communication and collaboration.

Gmelius offers a free seven day trial, as well as a free version. Pricing starts from only $9 pu/pm.

Visit their website to request a demo, or start a free trial

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is the perfect all-rounder CRM. Very customizable and inexpensive, Capsule can be tailored to suit many different industries. We have been very happily and confidently recommending this CRM since 2011. Their users love it, and what we see from our side is one of the lowest attrition/defection rates of any CRM product out there. Capsule also offers premium integrations to Quickbooks, GSuite and more.

Pricing starts from $18 pu/pm.

They also offer a free starter version, for 2 users and 250 contacts.



Do you have a story to tell about your CRM journey? We’d love to hear it.

Get your company into the highlights, as well as your vendor. They’ll be most grateful, and you get free exposure for your company. Drop me a quick mail if you’re interested (you can simply reply to this one), and I’ll send you some info as to how best go about it. It doesn’t have to take long.

You can read some examples here


Time Doctor

Need a better way to manage remote teams, and know where time is spent? With the increased emphasis on remote working, one is finding the need for better management of productivity and time. Time Doctor has been addressing this need for many years, and evolved into a mature and refined solution, and is not expensive either.



Social Media Cheatsheet

Get highly experienced Angie Gensler’s free Social Media Cheatsheet, with 100 Social Media ideas. Her Social Media Calendar, at only $4 per month, is also well worth considering. We use it daily to great effect; it has so simplified our social media management.

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To you, our esteemed readers from all over our dear planet Earth, all the best in these turbulent times!

Perry Norgarb