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“The user interface is uncluttered, beautiful and highly responsive, with recent updates taking OnePageCRM to the next level. One of the most compelling features of OnePageCRM is its intuitive pipeline that helps you keep your business in business”.

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Updated : 15TH July 2023
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Though we were already flabbergasted by the amalgam of simplicity and high-tech functionality, considering the new features as well as numerous updated ones, OnePageCRM has now become even more impressive – read our comprehensive OnePageCRM review to find out the details.While most CRM’s place emphasis on contact management, OnePageCRM pays more attention to lead follow ups in order to boost your sales.It simply converts the complexity of CRM into a to-do list.

Built using GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) productivity principles, its streamlined approach to sales helps you convert leads to customers, reach targets and grow your business fast. By focusing on that one Next Action, your sales teams are organised and empowered to move a deal forward. This eliminates admin and keeps you on the ball.

Recent updates have included a superb lead generation clipper which allows you to create contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and Outlook in just one click. The uncluttered interface offers a combination of sales methodologies and CRM components, which helps increase productivity for any small – medium sized business.

Quick Facts

Overall Rating:

Free Trial:  21 day free trial
Ideal for:  SMBs – Consultants / Creative agencies / Web /  Software / Estate Agents /  Media sales
Training required:  Basic – weekly webinars offered
Multi user:  Yes – unlimited
Mass import / export:  Yes
Email marketing:  Mass email marketing via Mailchimp and bulk emails using Gmail or Outlook
Social Media capture:  Any webpage, like Twitter & Facebook.
Mobile Apps:  iOS and Android native apps
Lead Capture:  Webforms / Gmail / Outlook  / Google Contacts

Getting Started

Setting up a trial is easy as they just request your name and email address. No credit card is required. You can chose to upgrade after the trial if you wish. Import your contacts in bulk using a .CSV file or add manually.

Some of the Latest Features 

OnePageCRM now gives you the ability to

  • Import deals,
  • Keep important documents in one place,
  • Record why you lost a sale,
  • Define and visualize contact relationships,
  • Easily change the data structure, and much more!
  • Attach Files & Docs to Email Templates – You can now attach files to your email templates from your local device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or the OnePageCRM Documents page.
  • Review Next Actions in Calendar View – The Calendar allows you to visualize your workload, see what’s next on your agenda, and quickly re-arrange Next Actions. Check it out  – it’s one of the favorite additions!
  • Introducing Two-Factor Authentication – Data security has been of great importance to OnePageCRM from the very beginning. So we’ve been keeping up with the latest trends. You can now enable 2FA in your account. Learn more.
  • Merge Import: Easily update your data = In business, there’re no one-size-fits-all solutions, and you usually learn by doing. With Merge Import, it’s super easy to update existing data. Learn more.

Workspace / User Interface

This is where OnePageCRM keeps it particularly simple. You work from the one dashboard – your Action Stream. This combines your contacts and Next Actions into one main area. How it works is that contacts float to the top of the Action Stream as they fall due, keeping your mind focused on what needs to be done now. The interface is uncluttered and highly responsive which gives you a more streamlined approach. Minimal setup actually helps you to sell as opposed to just keeping your contacts up to date.

At a glance you can easily view the contact / company along with the Next Action and date, the number of people in the company and what stage they’re at in your sales funnel.


The main layout in OnePageCRM cannot be customized, however should you require some additional fields outside of the default ones, you can add custom fields (unlimited). You can also ‘manage’ the field headings for lead source, status and add as many tags as you wish.

Mobile Support

OnePageCRM has native iOS and Android apps which have all the core functionality of the main application with some limitations. Performance and response time is fast. Note: You must have an internet connection inorder for the app to update. OnePageCRM now has a business card scanner available for the mobile app.

Social Integration & Integration with other apps

To complement OnePageCRM, they’ve integrated with other cloud based systems and created an ecosystem in the cloud.

They’ve really up’ed their game when it comes to social – releasing a Lead Clipper in 2015 which allows you to create leads from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Outlook online in just one click.

Other popular integrations include; Wufoo (webform manager), MailChimp forms (webform manager), Unbounce (landing page), MailChimp (mass email marketing), Help Scout (customer support), Skype (telephony), Xero (Invoicing), Dropbox and Google – Drive, email, contacts, Gcal.

Another notable app that integrates with OnePageCRM is Zapier – the data synchronizer. It opens a gateway to push data between OnePageCRM and 1000+ other business apps, quickly and securely.


  • Taregets Widget : Staying focused on the numbers that will grow your business is easy with OnePageCRM’s new targets widget. Find out more abut installing and using this widget here.
  • Motivational Targets :  Always Hit Your Sales Targets with OnePageCRM’s Motivational Targets Widget. Find out more here.

Backup and security

OnePageCRM uses a reliable cloud hosting company Amazon (AWS), and backs up your data every night. Their servers have Thawte issued security certificates, so the information flowing between you and the server is encrypted with a 256 Bit encryption. You can also choose which data centre to store your attachments from on the Settings page.

Customer Support

OnePageCRM’s support is highly responsive and usually answer within a couple of hours, with limited support available on weekends. They also offer weekly training sessions in the form of Introductory webinars You can get in touch via live chat, over the phone and of course email. You can contact support easily from within the app.

Who is it for?

OnePageCRM is designed with the salesperson in mind. Ideal for business owners / sales managers and sales reps alike. Main target market is small – medium sized businesses. Typically suited to service industries like Marketing Agencies, Web / IT based Companies, Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate and any other B2B.

Who is it not for?

OnePageCRM is not suitable for large teams over 50 users as it’s a shared database. They do however offer multiple pipelines of up to 10 in the SMB Plus and Enterprise plans

OnePageCRM features worth mentioning

The features are exclusively fabricated for small business service providers with sales teams that need to focus on closing deals without wasting time on overcomplicated features.

  • Sales Management – The secret to sales is not charts and graphs, it is completing sales actions. The idea behind the Action Stream is to help you manage tasks and stay on top of sales. OnePageCRM focuses you 100% on taking action and making upfront decisions. For too long we have suffered data entry and administration. No more! Just think about the Next Action. All of this on a simple and intuitive dashboard. Why would you want it any other way? OnePage CRM has  introduced a Sales Insights Report as a new features, after over 100 sales pros and small business owners  shares their experiances and challenges. Find out more.
  • Contacts –  Get organized with all of your business contacts in one place. Unlike most other CRMs that are a dead contact list, OnePageCRM offers a dynamic list that prioritizes your time. All your contacts can be sorted alphabetically as well as according to their associated sales actions. Sorting your contacts according to associated actions ensures your customers don’t fall between the cracks. You can also search and add new contacts.
  • Company Management – Whilst OnePageCRM is very much a contact focused CRM, you can easily connect contacts within the same company in what they call an “Account View”. A “people” icon shows you the number of people in that company and in one click you can see all the previous notes, calls, deals, emails associated with all contacts ensuring you’re getting a clear picture of what’s happening company-wide.
  • Sales Actions – Saved Actions are sales activities that are used repeatedly in your sales process. Simply create your most frequent sales actions within OnePageCRM for all your sales team to use.  You can easily add, edit and group saved actions.
  • Email Management – The full email sync integration with Gmail and Outlook automatically stores incoming and outgoing emails to/from your CRM contacts while offering business-focused features that your email client simply doesn’t have:
    • A dedicated hub for all your sales communications
    • Tracking of email opens
    • Bulk email send with increased limits
    • Customizable email templates
    • Retrieving of email history
    • An option to insert variables
    • An opportunity to add sales proposals straight to the email body
    • And, last but not least, a clean separation of your work and personal emails
    • For mass email marketing, OnePageCRM integrates nicely with MailChimp ensuring you don’t need to keep 2 lists up to date. OnePageCRM automatically syncs with your MailChimp account. You can also create email campaigns from right within the CRM.
  • Calendar management – OnePageCRM does not have a built-in calendar tab as such, however the Action Stream serves as a linear to-do list. In addition, you can push important actions to your calendar whether you’re Gcal, Outlook or Apple Calendar. Additionally, you can choose to sync your Action Stream with your calendar so that all of your actions are updated in your own personal calendar.
  • Deal Pipeline – Your pipeline is a great forecasting tool. By displaying your deals in an “expected close date by deal stage” chart, OnePageCRM creates an interactive pipeline that gives you a unique view of your sales, helping you predict, motivate and close more deals than ever before. There are 2 views available – forecast view or Kanban (drag ‘n drop) and you can have up to 10 pipelines..
  • Activity Reporting – The Activity Report is a history of all the latest activities completed in the CRM. This gives you the opportunity to measure your team’s performance from different angles including notes, calls, deals, actions, and updates. Can also be viewed by team member for a selected time-frame.
  • Quick Quotes –  One of OnePageCRM’s latest features gives you the ability to create and send email based quotes in lightning time. A huge benefit to SME’s.
  • Status labels –  You can customise your status labels based on your company’s sales process. See your leads progress from being leads to customers.
  • Tags and Custom fields – Tags and custom fields are a superb way to segment your contacts. Tags are automatically filtered on the left hand panel and are easily retrievable. Custom fields have several options including an anniversary reminder which gives you an email reminder up to 4 weeks before a date, giving you time to schedule a follow up.
  • Lead Source –  The lead source is a valuable addition which allows you to record where you’re getting your contacts. Default options include; email / web, network and referral. You can customise as you wish. Bulk Actions
    This latest addition allows you to delete, update actions, tags, statuses and owners in bulk. From this toolbar, you can also do a quick export and merge duplicates.
  • Private Contacts – Private contacts are purposed to create a separate group of non sales-related contacts that you may wish to keep completely separate from the rest of your sales team. Only you can view these contacts. Again, using your CRM to keep all of your contacts in one place.
  • Search and Advanced Search –  The “simple” search in OnePageCRM allows you to search for first name, last name, email address, company name and phone number. Whilst a more Advanced search allows you to find results based on multiple criteria – select “all / any”. You also have the option to save these filters and they update in real time.

User Groups and Focused Users

You can divide your salespeople into groups and review their performance and reports on a team basis with User Groups. If you don’t want a user to have access to your entire CRM, you can add them as a Focused user, so they can only see their own contacts, deals, and activity. This type of user is perfect for working with external collaborators like freelancers or contractors.


OnePageCRM offers s three pricing plans: SMB, SMB Plus and Enterprise Plan. For a detailed breakdown of the pricing and pricing plans please visit the website. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy sign up, affordable prices.
  • Uncluttered focus on prospects ensures quick follow up for maximum sales efficiency.
  • Innovative, dynamic contact list .
  • Capture leads from contact’s email / social profile  directly, with complete info including the Next Action.
  • For enhanced accessibility, each and every detail about your contacts (including the associated tasks and deals) is on one screen.
  • Sensational, highly-customizable sales funnel reveals all you need to know about your actions, goals and deals.
  • The Morning Reminder email is the tap on the shoulder you need to kick start your day.
  • Integrates with dozens of other business apps. This not only centralizes your data but also lets you control all your activities from one screen.
  • Mobile app’s are fast and responsive.
  • User-friendly and speedy interface – no long server-side refreshes. Data integrity is ensured with SSL encryption and daily backups
  • You can create user groups and they now also have a Franchise feature

Cons / Weaknesses

  • Though OnePageCRM is one of the best applications for sales teams of small businesses, it probably doesn’t offer enough customization for big companies.
  • No built in calendar, however you can sync it with your own.
  • Whilst there are some reporting functions available, larger sales teams may need more.
  • One thing missing in OnePageCRM, and which could really make it a perfect sales-driven CRM, is more thorough automation of the sales process.
  • Case Study

Sutherland Black

Find out how Sutherland Black, a Financial Services Company uses OnePageCRM and the success they have had after implementing a CRM