Read how various industries are applying CRM Technology to their benefit.

More and more vendors are developing custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for specific vertical markets.

Please note that while these case studies are from customers, they have mostly been sponsored by the vendors themselves, and therefore have a particular bias and positive spin to them. The customers are real, however, and are probably contactable if you wish to verify their experience with a CRM.


  • 24hr Bookkeeper  – They’re not actually open 24 hours a day, but they are ready to help their clients whenever they’re needed. The office doors may be closed, but the people who work there are available. Read More


  • Do OK.  – See how implementing a CRM for agencies helped DO OK shorten meetings, boost productivity and onboard new teammates with ease.  Read More

Beauty, Health & Wellness

  • Zeel – A mobile health and wellness company that offers same day, in-home, on-demand massages for customers across the country. Read More
  • Food Revolution Network Inc – Ontraport CRM is being used by Ocean Robbins, Co-founder, CEO of Food Revolution Network, Inc. Read More
  • Evolve Salon Systems – See how this company implemented a CRM and how it has helped them during the Covid-19 crises. Read More…
  • Fox & Jane – Successfully implement Booker. See what they have to say. Read More

Business Advisory

  • NBAC – This is a unique business advisory and data processing firm that specializes in servicing foreign companies and foreign-born individuals doing business in the United States. They provide global tax, accounting, payroll and HR services to their clients. Read More
  • Peritus Digital is a New York-based technology consulting and development agency devoted to building world-class, one-of-a-kind web applications and web-based businesses. Read More
  • Pinnacle – Find out how Pinnacle Uses Daylite To Nurture & Grow Relationships with Clients. Read More
  • Andrew Arnold, CEO of Centerline Wealth Advisors – Knowing what my clients like and what interests them is important to me. To build that trust, they want to know we’re on top of every detail. Daylite is my secret sauce that helps me keep track of it all. Read More

Community Management

  • Peace Advocacy Network (PAN) – Read the story of how one non-profit, Peace Advocacy Network, has more time to focus on their mission by using amoCRM for community management.  Read More


  • CAMP Construction – Zendesk Sell (Base CRM) brings quick insights and powerful solutions to thriving construction company. Read More


  • The Property Jungle –  Implemented Really Simple Systems and for the first time in the history of their company were able to clearly see who all their clients are, what services they deliver for each of them and if there are any upsell opportunities. Read More
  • Brand Britain – Brand Britain is a specialist creative agency designing packaging, shopper marketing campaigns and category design solutions for some of the biggest food, drink and games brands in the UK and globally. Read More
  • SKYFORM – Read this case study and find out why SKYFORM, a Creative Studio in Slovakia, Uses One Word To Sum Up Daylite. Read More
  • typneun – See how Graphic Design Agency typneun Uses Daylite to manage their project processes and internal communication. Read More


  • UTEC Survey – Uniting a Global Sales Team with Increased Individual Accountability Using Customer Relationship Management Software. Read More

Environmental Issues

  • Nori – See how this company, on a mission to tackle climate change, used Gmelius to go from tool overload to a connected stack  Read More

Events Management

  • MOTM Events – One of the most experienced event management companies in Ireland, they expertly plan and manage events for some of the world’s leading brands. Read More
  • iLand – In the city Kyiv in Ukraine there is a local arts mini festival called the Kyiv Mini Maker Faire that brings together over 50 exhibitors and 2000 guests to  showcase a variety of artistic talents and hobbies. Read More

Freelancers & Other Creatives

  • Gloria Atanmo- See how a freelance travel blogger uses ConvertKit to promote her business. Read More


Financial Services

  • Willow Creek Wealth Managment – Lean how technology integration helped this company boost efficiency and drive growth Read More
  • District Capital Management – How financial planner Alvin Carlos is succeeding with Less Annoying CRM Read More
  • Expensify – Founded in 2008, Expensify is a San Francisco-based financial services company that provides an online expense management service for customers worldwide. Read More
  • Gen Y Planning – How financial planner Sophia Bera is succeeding with Less Annoying CRM Read More

Health & Medical

  • Object Health – A California based healthcare consulting firm that helps organizations deploy technology to improve healthcare quality. Read More
  • Sartorius Stedim Biotech – A leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Read More
  • Valley Surgical – A global leader in disposable medical supplies from hospitals and surgeries across the United States. Founded over 10 years ago, Valley Surgical works with relief organizations to provide developing countries across the world with surgical products. Read More

IT Industry

  • Atcom – This IT Firm Helps 5 Times More Customers Without Adding New Staff Thanks to WORKetc CRM. Read More
  • TekRescue – A seemingly simple fix can turn into a costly job. Here’s how an IT firm in Texas called tekRESCUE is keeping the insanity manageable with the help of WORKetc. Read More
  • TTI Wireless – An IT company, makes a bold switch and finds good data is easy to come by with Base. Read More


  • Medical Justice – A North Carolina based software company that provides lawsuit protection and reputation management services for medical professionals. Read More
  • Nelson Elder Care Law – Daylite interviewed Josh Nelson to learn how they leveraged Daylite to grow their practice, and why they upgraded to Daylite Cloud. Read More

Materials Distributors

  • Ciscoe Eagle – See a Case Study of how a Materials Distribution Company used CRM to reduce expenses but increase revenue. Read More


  • Speck Design – Empowers Its Sales Force by Implementing CRM Software. Read More

Packaging & Delivery

  • Solpak – When David and his team switched from PCs to Macs, they needed to find a Mac CRM that could help them keep track of clients, follow-ups, and appointments. Having a consistent client experience is critical so they needed a tool to help them remember every detail about their clients and all their communication no matter which department. See how Daylite helped. Read More


  • Jim Jordan Photography/White Cross – Jim manages many actors, supermodels, photographers, directors, hair and makeup artists and stylists. With Daylite he is able to manage all of his companies in one place. Read More
  • Nisha Ravji/Wedding Photographer – Nisha has been using Daylite for 5 years to help her stay on top of client communication, follow-ups, and keeping a healthy work/life balance. She’s often asked how she manages it all and even has time to fit in exercise! Read More

Real Estate

  • Heather McDonald – Heather MacDonald has been an Agent in Canada for nearly 5 years. This Real Estate agent has a variety of clients and has used IXACT Contact for about 3 years to keep track of them all. Read More
  • Grupo Lomas Verdes – Find out how this Real Estate Company, based in Mexico, was helped by amoCRM to cut costs by 20%. Read More
  • Max Black Real Estate – Max has been using Daylite since 2012 to track leads, close transactions and as a CRM. We interviewed him to find out how he is using Daylite to help win more business and keep his business growing. Read More

Recruitment & Training

  • Coursecheck – A CRM that helps people find highly rated training courses by publishing rating and review websites for training providers. Read More
  • Provide Consulting Ltd – CRM In Recruitment/Personnel Placement Industry. Read More
  • See what Joe Thompson, President of Pinpoint Profiles, LLC Nashville, USA, says about using Infoflo in his start up Recruiting Business Read More 

Service Based Industries

  • Home Painters Toronto -The story of how Home Painters Toronto, owned by Brian Young, grew after Keap was recommended to him. Read More…
  • Painters Enterprise – See why this company owner uses Jobber in all three of his businesses and why he is prepared to recommend Jobber Read More …

Travel & Tourism

  • Rock and Rapid Adventures – Whether it’s hiking Mount Everest or rafting the Zambezi River, Rock and Rapid Adventures utilizes technology to give every one of its clients unbeatable customer service Read More …
  • DigiMapps – DigiMapps Drives Team Productivity and Monthly Sales with Base + Paycove. Read More…
  • Maximo Nivel – Are very excited about otheir journey and process, and about increasingly utilizing Relenta’s EMAIL MARKETING – CONTACT MANAGER – CRM – COLLABORATION system. Read More…

Wholesalers & Specialist Wholesalers

  • Papeloja – Nuno Silva dramatically grew revenue in just a few months with Infusionsoft and Lifecycle Marketing Read More
  • Hero Time – “I needed a CRM for wholesale that would record all my conversations with the customer on all platforms. No other CRM could offer it. They offered it, but in a bizarre way.” Hersh Glueck Read More …
  • HASBEAN – “We wish we had used Capsule years ago as we’d be much better off now.” Dale Harris, Director of Wholesale, HASBEAN Read More…

NGOs, NPOs & Charities

  • Balanced – By using a CRM for nonprofits, Balanced managed to reach 750K meals – Read More


  • Math Plus Academy – See how implementing a CRM helped this education get children who were not doing well with Math stay within his budget  Read More

Sales Brokers

  • Key Yachting – See how implementing a CRM helped this sales broker and transfromed how they interact with contacts. Read More