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CRM for Construction Firms

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Meet CAMP Construction Services

Sell brings quick insights and powerful solutions to a thriving construction company.

About the Company

A Texas based construction company, CAMP Construction Services is a multi-family organization that oversees full scale renovations, roofing, and disaster relief projects across the U.S.

The Challenge

Over the course of their 30+ years in the industry, CAMP Construction Services has grown from a small residential roofing company to a steadfast organization. The past 15 years have ushered in a new age of growth for this once small company who now has offices in Texas and Florida, and renovation projects across the country. Despite such growth, CAMP has vowed to stay true to serving their customers. As their volumes increased, it became apparent that CAMP needed a CRM to structure their processes. IT Director, Cody Scott, shares how CAMP decided to forego construction- specific CRMs for a CRM that emphasized intuitiveness, powerful solutions and sales needs above all else.

For many years, CAMP manually managed their pipeline through the use of spreadsheets. However, as numbers grew it became evident to CAMP that spreadsheets could only offer limited pipeline visibility. CAMP initially started to pursue an on-premise solution, yet this proved to be both lengthy and inefficient. “Our previous system took nine months of just waiting. We cut them off at the last five yards because we weren’t getting the results we wanted,” explains Cody.

Thus, Cody began the arduous task of searching for a new CRM solution. After researching Salesforce and the many different construction-specific CRMs available on the market today, Cody was underwhelmed. CAMP decided to waive these “outdated, overly complicated, and often clunky traditional CRMs” for a more usable approach. After registering for a free trial of Sell, Cody and the management team were immediately impressed by its intuitive design and robust solutions.

The Solution

Fast forward three months and CAMP finds itself enthralled by Sell’s simplicity. Cody notes that this has made adoption much easier because “even the most novice employee can navigate through the system without needing to sit down for an eight hour training session.” The sales team at CAMP now uses Sell tools like tasks, appointments, email tracking, and the mobile app to efficiently manage their pipeline.

Cody notes that one of the biggest game changers for the team has also been the document repository.

“We always struggled with document management. But with Sell, I can simply grab a file from my desktop and load it straight to the page. That’s extremely helpful for us,” says Cody.

From a management perspective, Sell has also given Cody more insights than ever before. “With one quick glance of a report we know exactly what’s going on with my pipeline. To be able to do that with one click is something that we’ve never been able to do before.”

The Results

Since implementing Sell, CAMP has experienced a new level of organization in their customer and account management. This point is highlighted by Cody’s experience as the CRM admin. Cody recalls that it took him only one hour to review and merge the 3000+ contacts in their database. “We’ve never had such a clear customer list,” he states proudly. With more time saved and more insights at hand, CAMP now has a structure in place that lets their customer relationships thrive. “We now have more control over our business,” and for Cody and the entire team at CAMP, having the right solution in place means reassurance of their ongoing success.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help CAMP Construction Services take their sales to the next level faster than ever.