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QuickBooks Experts Shift Business Into High Gear with WORKetc and WORKetc QuickStart

There’s a bit of a secret behind the name of Minnesota-based accounting firm 24hr Bookkeeper.

They’re not actually open 24 hours a day, but they are ready to help their clients whenever they’re needed. The office doors may be closed, but the people who work there are available.

“We take calls late at night and early in the morning,” reveals founder Karine Woodman. “Time zone differences don’t even matter to us; we’ll take the call [and] work with your schedule.

“I remember working with [one particular client] from early evening until 3 o’clock in the morning. He had a really sensitive deadline to meet and we just made it happen for him by working with him that late.”

The Fruits of Dedication

It’s this dedication that has helped Karine make a name for herself in the crowded world of QuickBooks-using accountants.

In fact, at this point, it’s not enough to just call her a QuickBooks user.

She’s a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor, placing her among the most elite and knowledgeable users of the small business accounting software.

As a member of the Intuit Accountant and Advisor Customer Council, she helps QuickBooks maker Intuit plan strategies, products, programs, and services.

Her company was even named the US finalist for Intuit’s worldwide 2016 Firm of the Future contest.

With such an accomplished expert at the helm, 24hr Bookkeeper has grown into a full-service, QuickBooks-focused small business accounting firm.

Aside from watching over clients’ financials, they now handle everything from training and consultation to data migration and app integrations.

“It’s like how WORKetc works with QuickBooks,” says Karine. “We … help our clients integrate their 3rd party software with QuickBooks.”

Keeping It ‘In The Family’

Karine’s close ties with QuickBooks and its community also proved lucky when it was time for 24hr Bookkeeper to find a CRM; it was on the QuickBooks app store that she first caught wind of WORKetc.

“Because we’re Intuit-centric, we want to work with products that work with QuickBooks,” she explains. “Keep it all in the family, basically, so a CRM for QuickBooks Online was the obvious choice.”

Considering Karine’s go-getter attitude, it’s no surprise that she chose to jump immediately into the deep end when she first signed up for WORKetc in 2016.

It was only after she had learned everything she could on her own that she started looking for help with the system’s intricacies.

“We actually went in and implemented it on our own first,” she recalls. “Once we figured out the baseline of what we wanted, I went ahead and purchased the QuickStart program.”

Hitting The Ground Running

The WORKetc QuickStart onboarding program is s a fast-moving series of one-on-one training sessions and consultations designed specifically for new users to start using WORKetc as quickly as possible.

Karine, however, knew that the sheer value of the training, tailored specifically to her company’s unique needs, wasn’t something even someone already familiar with WORKetc could pass up on.

And since she already knew the basics, she knew exactly what she needed the system to do for her and her team. She came armed with very specific questions, and the QuickStart team was ready with answers.

Karine recalls one such question: how can she streamline her payroll process in WORKetc without letting even one billable dollar fall through the cracks?

“[Making] sure that I was catching everything was a big one for me,” she confides. “Thanks to the support team’s guidance, I can now pull the information I need much more efficiently.”

Exceeding Expectations

Ask Karine if her QuickStart experience met her expectations and she’s quick to answer in the affirmative.

“It’s definitely worth it,” she says. “QuickStart makes complete sense because it goes against your subscription. You’re just pre-paying.”

Beyond the efficiency and the savings 24hr Bookkeeper gained from WORKetc and the QuickStart training program, there was one other benefit that really resonated with Karine: the high level of customer support.

“If you’re gonna use WORKetc for a long time, you’ll love the one-on-one support,” she explains. “Just to … be able to say, ‘This is what I’m trying to accomplish, tell me how to do it’, was really nice.

“We were very happy with the experience.”

Coming from someone who’s ready, willing, and eager to help her own clients even until the wee hours of the morning, that’s high praise indeed.

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