Case Study

CRM for Consultants : Ivona, an IT Consulting Business, uses Accelo CRM

Learn How This IT Consulting Business Doubled Its Monthly Revenue with Accelo

“Accelo helps us find pleasure in the work we do and that has a big impact on the customer experience we can deliver DANIEL MCNAUGHT Founder and Director

Before Accelo 

When Daniel McNaught started Invona, a Brighton-based company that provides IT consulting services for businesses, he set out to create a new, fresh, relational take on IT Services.

He was looking to disrupt what IT Services looks like by focusing on how IT Service providers interact with their clients. He specifically saw a disconnect when it came to the relationship between digital agencies and their clients, so he focused on building stronger relationships with companies in this industry. That’s why Daniel began exploring new ways to create a culture similar to that of a digital start-up.

The Challenge

This fresh way of thinking and the emphasis on building deeper relationships helped bring in more clients. Daniel quickly found himself expanding the services they offered to meet the needs of his customers, but he soon realized the company lacked a platform that could support the expanding business.

“We were using a tool that, in theory, would add a lot of efficiencies,” Daniel said. “The tools I looked at had strong demos that really covered so much of what you could hope for. The issue is that when the rubber hit the road, the product fell through.”

Daniel’s team relied on multiple products to run his business but found that none of them worked well together. At some point, the team ran into serious technical faults with their previous tools, which put them and their customers at risk. The vendor wasn’t able to address the problem. Daniel knew this could have a detrimental impact if it continued.

The Solution

Daniel’s friend, who ran his own business, recommended Accelo as a way to solve his most pressing problem. He immediately signed up for a trial on a Friday, and by mid-day Saturday, he noticed an immediate difference in ease of usability and how much information was available to him at any given moment. Daniel felt Accelo provided functionality that made managing his client work seamless compared to the tools he previously used.

“I really enjoyed finding and using Accelo,” Daniel said. “Part of the reason why is that it’s so flexible and fast-paced. I have a lot of confidence that the toolset we’ve got now with Accelo will allow us to scale up much quicker than any IT company in our position.”

The Results

Invona has more than doubled its monthly revenue since implementing Accelo in 2018. He attributes this increase to finally having a system that monitors customer relationships, contracts, tickets and sales in a powerful yet enjoyable way.

“The previous solution let us down so badly,” Daniel said. “We may have gone out of business if we’d not found Accelo.”

Accelo has given Daniel and his team more valuable time back. Prior to Accelo, Daniel was spending up to 3 days a month manually updating disparate tools. Now, the team has more time to focus on delivering higher quality service to customers.

Accelo allowed Daniel to manage the various services his company provided by looking after his customer relationships in a simple and enjoyable way. By having immediate insight into contracts, tickets, and sales, Daniel has been able to deliver higher quality service to much happier customers than ever before.

“One of the things I say as soon as I get in front of a new customer is that we believe people should enjoy the technology they use,” Daniel said. “And in Accelo, we’ve found a product that we certainly enjoy using. I want to show it off to the other clients I work with.”

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