Case Study

A CRM for Creatives

Discover how Capsule revolutionizes Melting Pot Creations, enhancing efficiency, slashing admin time by 50%, and propelling remarkable growth through streamlined operations and heightened productivity.


Melting Pot Creations is a rapidly growing content writing agency known for its passion, creativity, and exceptional client service.

Subpar CRM Affecting Efficiency and Growth

Emma Rundle, the driven owner of Melting Pot Creations, faced a critical challenge. As her content writing agency rapidly grew, she realized that her existing CRM lacked essential project functionality and organization capabilities. This inefficiency hindered her business’s growth and caused unnecessary stress while handling client information, workload, and projects.

The Search for the Perfect Solution:

Emma understood the importance of finding a CRM that could adapt to her business’s expansion and help manage resources effectively. She needed a class-leading solution that would allow customization according to her unique workflow, without overwhelming her with unnecessary features.

The Solution: Capsule CRM for Growth:

Capsule CRM emerged as the perfect fit for Emma and her agency. The CRM’s customizable features, such as the ability to tailor sales pipeline milestones and project board stages, impressed Emma. It offered all the essential features she needed, including sales pipeline management, task organization, calendar integration, and project management. Capsule’s great value for money further solidified her decision to switch.

Results: Enhanced Productivity and Growth

The transition to Capsule CRM led to remarkable improvements in Melting Pot Creations’ day-to-day operations:

Admin time was significantly reduced, empowering Emma to focus more on client management and content production.

Improved visibility of the pipeline, workload, and customer experience enabled Emma to prioritize her work efficiently and build a loyal client base.

Stress levels decreased as Emma no longer had to rely on memory for critical data. Capsule’s streamlined platform enabled her to capture and advance opportunities promptly, positioning her business for continued growth.

“I’m more organized and get work done more quickly as I can hit the ground running as soon as a new day begins.”  Emma Rundle

Praise for Capsule CRM’s Support

Emma was impressed by Capsule’s exceptional customer support. Unlike larger businesses relying on impersonal bots or generic FAQs, Capsule provided personalized assistance whenever she had questions or concerns.

“I’ve doubled my turnover year on year for the past two years and Capsule has undoubtedly played a role in that. It helps me capture opportunities and progress them in a timely way.” Emma Rundle

A Firm Recommendation:

Emma enthusiastically recommends Capsule CRM to others in her industry. The CRM’s affordability, flexibility, and unparalleled support make it an invaluable asset for owner-managed companies and small teams, providing that much-needed “extra pair of hands.” With Capsule, businesses can streamline their operations and pave the way for sustainable growth.