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Yuma – ChildcareCRM

Sandy Curtis

Yuma Preschool relies on ChildcareCRM to manage their enrollment inquiries, communicate with parents, and keep their center enrollment high. Sandy Curtis has been the owner of Yuma Preschool for over 30 years. She has experienced the childcare industry from every angle. Having been a teacher, mother of students attending, director, and owner, she has unique insight into every facet of childcare. We are so pleased to have her as a customer and thrilled to have her share her experience with us.


In recent years, Sandy had stepped away from running the day-to-day operations of her center. As she returned, she looked at resources to help her manage the various operations processes. With enrollment specifically having had a decline, she was looking at technology solutions that could help her. She sought to find a way to manage her enrollment inquiries in a scalable way which would also be easy for her staff to adopt and increase operational efficiency. Fortunately, she was able to find this with ChildcareCRM.

“Success is allowing yourself to open up to innovative ideas. Don’t fear whatbyou don’t understand. ChildcareCRM has the tools, methods and customer service in place to help you reach maximum capacity at your Preschool. “ Sandy Curtis | Owner, Yuma Preschool

Prior to her adoption of ChildcareCRM, Yuma Preschool wasn’t utilizing any sort of CRM system. They were extremely minimal in terms of the technology they used. This presented challenges that weren’t altogether unique to Yuma Preschool in that they spent a significant amount of time courting enrollees in ways they had difficulty keeping track of. However, she was super excited to learn how ChildcareCRM keeps all communications centralized and follows an intuitively progressive process.

Since making the decision to work with ChildcareCRM, Sandy has seen significant, measurable, results:

  • Enrollment increased from 64% capacity to 100% capacity within 5 months of using ChildcareCRM
  • Within 6 months, Yuma Preschool’s waiting list grew from 0 families to 25 families.

“Before, I had post it notes everywhere. Things are much more streamlined now, saving me tons of time and frustration. The process’ duration has decreased from 2 hours to 20 minutes daily.” Sandy Curtis

When she reached out to ChildcareCRM, she was apprehensive about using new technology, something many owners can relate to. While initially intimidated, it wasn’t long before she began to understand the simplicity of the ChildcareCRM system and its ability to help her effectively manage new enrollments while staying in touch with parents along the way.

Using ChildcareFORMS has made our registration forms much easier to read… The parent and child information is a lot more accurate when it is transferred to our management system.” Sandy Curtis

It certainly helped that she had a great first experience with Amber, an experienced member of our team, to help onboard her and answer any questions. In addition to the great solutions from ChildcareCRM, Sandy is so impressed with the support and service she has received that she wants to share her story with as many others as possible.

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