A CRM for Education 

How Eduvisors increased their student conversion rate with Bigin


The customer

Eduvisors is an educational consulting firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2009, they have been working to promote and recruit Bangladeshi students for affiliated global partner universities. Eduvisors helps student clients make the right decisions about future education and their career paths. Zabed Ali, the CEO of Eduvisors, is also an official representative for many reputable universities around the world. Along with helping students choose the right program, Eduvisors also assists them with visa processes and accommodation. As the company has grown and the numbers of students they help has increased over the 12 years they have been in business, it became increasingly overwhelming for Zabed and his team to manage the business process manually.

Their challenges

Before switching to Bigin, Eduvisors had to manually filter and sort prospective student leads that came from Facebook ads and other sources, which brought the risk of human error. They unfortunately lost many high value leads due to this manual process and the lack of tracking to ensure prompt follow-ups.

By the time the company grew to 12 employees, it was clear the manual process was both time-consuming and confusing. That’s when Zabed started looking for a tool that would help him streamline the process and track leads.

He found a huge array of options and even looked at a CRM which was specifically designed for educational consultants, but he found that many of the tools he looked at lacked proper data security, which was a big concern.

Introducing Bigin

During his hunt, Zabed came across a lot of CRMs, but the one that really caught his attention was Bigin. Zabed had a few parameters for evaluating CRMs: Ease of use, range of features, and integration with other solutions via API. Bigin ticked every one of them. With an all-in-one package offering great features, simplicity, and affordability, Bigin was the clear choice.

“I was looking for a reliable and effective CRM. As I was going from one CRM to another, Zoho’s contact management grabbed my attention because of its user-friendly features and affordability. ” – Zabed Ali, CEO, Eduvisors

How Bigin solved Eduvisors’ challenges

It took Zabed just two weeks to deploy Bigin for his entire organization. The counselors at Eduvisors imported and filtered the new student data into Bigin and created a task to follow up with each prospective student. The multiple-step manual process was replaced with two simple steps using Bigin, which made work much easier for Zabed and his counselors.

Bigin also notifies them when they need to call a prospective client and the dashboard feature helps Zabed keep an eye on his counselors’ progress, so he can manage them more effectively.

“Since I started using Bigin, no lead has been lost. The student conversion rate has increased by 25 percent, to 30 percent. ” – Zabed Ali, CEO, Eduvisors

With Bigin, Eduvisors has seen improved sales and operational efficiency. Now that they have been using Bigin for a while, there are certain features that stand out for Zabed like the simple lead management, easy follow-ups, email configuration, and customizability, such as renaming modules and creating contact forms.

Zabed also has no concerns with data security like he had with other CRMs he looked at. With Bigin, he knows that his data is safe and secure because it follows strict GDPR requirements.

“For lead management, Bigin is one of the best CRMs out there. It is simple, effective, and affordable. The features and recent enhancements in Bigin are everything, and I can use them however best suits my purposes.” – Zabed Ali, CEO, Eduvisor