A CRM for the Health and Wellness Industry/Medical Profession

Chennai-based health and wellness company CysterCare attains 35% user conversion rate and increases employee productivity by 30% after implementing Bigin by Zoho CRM

It’s evident from the provided information that CysterCare, a Chennai-based health and wellness company, has significantly improved its operations and achieved impressive results after implementing Bigin, a CRM solution. The company’s focus on addressing the challenges related to managing data effectively and streamlining customer management has yielded several positive outcomes:

  1. User Conversion Rate Increase: One of the key achievements is the remarkable 35% increase in user conversion rates. This signifies that the company’s efforts in using Bigin to manage leads and nurture relationships have paid off, resulting in higher conversions from leads to customers.
  2. Employee Productivity Boost: CysterCare’s employee productivity has grown by 30%. This indicates that the adoption of Bigin has streamlined internal processes and made it easier for employees to manage their tasks, leading to improved efficiency and output.
  3. Effective Database Management: The company’s transition from using disparate tools like Airtable and Google Sheets to a centralized CRM like Bigin has led to more effective database management. This centralized approach prevents fragmented data, reduces errors, and facilitates better access and updating of customer details.
  4. Positive User Retention and Engagement: With better customer engagement and proactive communication facilitated by Bigin’s features, CysterCare has likely improved user retention rates. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on customer loyalty and revenue.
  5. Streamlined Business Processes: The adoption of Bigin has streamlined various business processes, especially in lead generation, nurturing, and sales pipeline management. This has resulted in a more organized and efficient approach to handling customers and leads.
  6. Valuable Insights through Dashboards: The use of Dashboards in Bigin has provided the company with valuable insights into the status of leads and overall sales pipeline. This helps the team make informed decisions and track their progress effectively.
  7. Enhanced Marketing Efforts: Bigin’s API integration has enabled seamless integration with various marketing channels, allowing CysterCare to enhance its marketing efforts and maximize the efficiency of its campaigns.
  8. Positive Impact on Revenue: The overall improvement in user conversion rates, customer engagement, and efficient processes has likely contributed to a positive impact on the company’s revenue.
  9. Future Growth and Success: CysterCare views Bigin as a key technology that will continue to play a pivotal role in their future success. The company’s forward-thinking approach to technology and its commitment to leveraging the right tools for growth bode well for their future endeavors.

“Bigin has stayed true to its value proposition—a CRM that is tailored for small business and startups.” – Dev Ramnathan Sivarajah CEO, CysterCare

Overall, the case study of CysterCare demonstrates how implementing a suitable CRM solution like Bigin can lead to substantial improvements in various aspects of a business, from lead management to customer engagement and productivity. It showcases the importance of using technology to address operational challenges and drive business growth.

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