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Modernizing the Age-Old Craft of Candlemaking – Milkhouse uses Keap CRM

Their Story

Eric and Janet Sparrow make locally produced, high-quality, all-natural soy candles. In the early days they sold their candles to family and friends and at work, where it was common for a supply of 60 candles to be purchased within 20 minutes. The next step was finding a way to scale this into a thriving business.

An online presence was what Milkhouse needed to manage their prospects and thrive in the industry. Rather than competing with the stores that sold their candles, Eric and Janet launched a website to build brand recognition and address the consumer and wholesale markets.

Business situation

Eric and Janet came to Keap with the need for a CRM and a solution for automated email to guide customers through the candle buying process while building quality, long-lasting relationships with them. Eric turned Keap Partner Dobbin Buck and his team at GetUWired who helped Eric implement Keap. Eric also attended on-site training  and really dove into the software.

“Keap has allowed our business to truly take care of our customers in ways that we never could prior to Keap.” ERIC SPARROW, CEO

Keap in action

To effectively take care of its customers, Milkhouse uses Keap technology to automate both internal and external processes of the company. Segmented campaigns and automated emails ensure Milkhouse customers receive only the content that pertains to them. Within Milkhouse, Keap is used to remind employees to complete tasks and follow up with customers. Utilizing the software in these ways makes it possible for the Milkhouse team to focus on maintaining efficient customer service – rather than the tedious day-to-day activities.

Milkhouse also leverages the Campaign Builder feature to manage sales and marketing. Starting with the Snap app, Milkhouse representatives can capture a wholesaler or prospect’s information and automatically route them through a campaign, send simple reminders that help their team follow up, and prevent leads from falling through the cracks. But they didn’t have to build the campaigns from scratch; they downloaded ready-made campaign templates from the Keap Marketplace, where they could choose from hundreds of existing campaigns that have been tried and tested by other successful small businesses in the past.


Milkhouse has become the “king of soy” and is authority in the world of soy candle making. Now that the business is thriving, they are focused on using their expertise to help aspiring soy manufacturers achieve similar success—whether that’s coaching them through the process or supplying them with raw materials.

Keap helped the business above. Now see how they can help yours.