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Enhancing Operational Efficiency: How Bigin Revolutionized Project Management for Sitoso



In 2019, Madhav Kochunni, Creative Head at Sitoso, founded the company after two decades of experience in large corporations. Sitoso specializes in providing diverse marketing and advertising services, serving clients in Canada and India. Madhav’s responsibilities include creating websites, managing e-commerce, overseeing strategy implementation, and developing digital publications. In addition to his business role, he volunteers with an NGO, managing their e-commerce and online bookings website, and facilitating backend integration with accounting and POS systems.

“You don’t really have to watch a video or attend a course to learn how to use Bigin. It’s very intuitive in that way.” Madhav Kochunni,Creative Head, Digital – Sitoso


As a generalist at Sitoso, Madhav faced the challenge of managing multiple projects simultaneously as the business expanded. The absence of an all-in-one software solution hindered effective project management, especially concerning email communication, segmentation, and categorization. After exploring various tools without success, Madhav discovered Bigin through a friend’s recommendation.

“For a small business, Bigin is an incredible piece of software! ” Madhav Kochunni,Creative Head, Digital – Sitoso


Bigin proved instrumental in simplifying project management for Madhav as Sitoso continued to grow. This comprehensive tool allowed him to track projects, schedule emails, manage deals, and make calls—all within a unified platform. Unlike previous experiences with expensive, enterprise-level CRMs unsuitable for small businesses, Bigin’s user-friendly interface and minimal design catered perfectly to Madhav’s needs.

Setting up Bigin was a seamless process, providing Madhav with easy access to all client information and project data. The streamlined workflow began with entering client details and project fees, tracking tasks and activities through the Activities module, and maintaining constant client communication via email using the Mailchimp integration. This was particularly beneficial for coordinating with partners in different time zones, such as a collaborator managing branding and graphic design in India. Bigin significantly eased the challenges of managing diverse clients and collaborating with a partner.

Implementation of Bigin translated into substantial time savings for Madhav. Previously, he juggled multiple software platforms for different requirements, such as Asana for tasks and Miro for NGO-related activities. The consolidation of features in Bigin streamlined his daily operations, saving him several hours each day.

“Time is money. Bigin has helped me save time and money in that sense.” Madhav Kochunni,Creative Head, Digital – Sitoso


A couple of hours each day

“When you work with software that is structured with features that make it so easy to use—that’s when you realize you’ve struck gold and you don’t want to go anywhere else. The pricing is also just right and ideal for small businesses.” Madhav Kochunni,Creative Head, Digital – Sitoso


Increased productivity and operational efficiency. As a solopreneur managing various aspects of his business, Bigin provided significant relief to Madhav. Sitoso now benefits from an affordable, all-encompassing solution that simplifies business processes and enhances operational efficiency.