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CRM for Recruitment

EmployAbility Galway increases new hires by 87% since using OnePageCRM

Revolutionizing Recruitment: EmployAbility Galway’s 87% Surge in New Hires with OnePageCRM

In the realm of recruitment services, where precision and coordination are paramount, EmployAbility Galway was all too familiar with the challenges of managing employer interactions. Their quest was clear: enhance placements, boost productivity, and forge a more efficient process.

Enter OnePageCRM, a game-changer that would redefine their approach to recruitment.

A Unique Mission

EmployAbility Galway stands apart from conventional recruitment services. As a supported employment service dedicated exclusively to individuals with disabilities seeking meaningful employment, their philosophy centers around the concept of a job coach. They offer personalized assistance, guiding individuals from career planning to securing employment, with ongoing specialist support to ease the employer’s training and recruitment burdens.

But despite their noble mission, EmployAbility Galway faced a critical hurdle: the need to streamline their employer interactions.

The Dilemma

The Program Coordinator at EmployAbility Galway, had grown frustrated with the haphazard approach to follow-ups. Their reliance on disjointed diaries and scattered Excel spreadsheets was no longer sustainable. In a dynamic field like recruitment, where the landscape changes by the day, this fragmented system caused unnecessary administrative headaches.

Moreover, team members often operated in silos, leading to critical information gaps. Attempts to switch to Google Drive for shared accessibility met resistance due to a lack of understanding.
They recognized the urgency of the situation but were uncertain about the solution.

A Turning Point

The turning point arrived with the arrival of a new board member who, upon witnessing their Excel-based chaos, immediately prescribed a remedy: a CRM system. One name surfaced prominently – OnePageCRM. The team seized the opportunity with enthusiasm.

Seamless Integration and Empowerment

OnePageCRM seamlessly integrated into their workflow, earning swift adoption from the team. The system’s user-friendliness impressed them, but the true power of OnePageCRM became evident after a few weeks of use.

OnePageCRM’s flexibility enabled them to schedule tasks for the future, ensuring nothing slipped through the cracks. Crucially, the system fostered seamless team communication. With the ability to add notes and notify team members within the app, everyone stayed informed about potential job opportunities. They even assigned follow-up actions with ease.

Their primary focus centered around deals, with each job becoming a “deal” within the CRM, accompanied by a reference note. This note was shared with the entire team, enabling quick assessments of availability for each job.

The Transformation

In a short span, EmployAbility Galway transformed its operations with OnePageCRM, witnessing an astounding 87% increase in new hires. What was once a fragmented, chaotic process had evolved into a streamlined, efficient system that catered to their unique mission of empowering individuals with disabilities through meaningful employment.

With OnePageCRM, EmployAbility Galway had not only found a solution but a catalyst for their continued success, proving that when technology and purpose converge, extraordinary results can follow.
Streamlined Success: OnePageCRM and the Just-In-Time Revolution at EmployAbility Galway

The power of efficient processes isn’t just a corporate buzzword; it’s a concept EmployAbility Galway intimately understands, having come from a background steeped in physical manufacturing’s revolutionary “just-in-time” methodology.

In the days of yore, their office resembled a bustling warehouse, with stacks of paperwork on desks representing inventory waiting to be processed. Information accumulated, much like materials on a warehouse shelf. However, since embracing OnePageCRM, everything has taken on the agile rhythm of “just-in-time.”

This transformation isn’t complete without acknowledging the impact of mobile apps, which have ushered in a new era for EmployAbility Galway. Business cards, once destined to pile up on desks, now seamlessly integrate into their mobile app. The team can update their recruitment pipeline on the fly, between meetings, a leap forward in overall productivity.

The icing on the cake?

The ability to update notes using voice recognition through the keyboard microphone or Google Voice, a time-saving boon that obviates the need for laborious typing.

The #100Jobs Campaign Triumph

EmployAbility Galway attributes the resounding success of the #100Jobs Campaign to the pivotal role played by OnePageCRM. They reflect,

“Without OnePageCRM, we would have struggled to manage that campaign. It would have been chaotic. OnePageCRM was the linchpin that allowed us to swiftly close job opportunities.”

The fruits of their labor are impressive:

EmployAbility Galway has witnessed an astounding 87% surge in job placements over the past two years. It’s a monumental achievement that speaks volumes about the transformative power of a well-honed process.

How did they do it?

By seamlessly integrating CVs into the CRM’s “deals” section, they could effortlessly retrieve and dispatch them to potential employers. It was a symphony of efficiency where everyone, whether in or out of the office, had real-time visibility into the status of each deal.

Candidates, too, were kept in the loop about their application status.
The key to this triumph was an up-to-date, user-friendly system, and OnePageCRM was their North Star.

Thanks to the CRM, they can easily check for existing employer relationships when hiring new staff, ensuring that no inadvertent overlap occurs in communication between team members and existing clients. This meticulous attention to detail prevents redundancy in their efforts and ensures top-notch customer service consistently.

Gone are the days when information resided in an employee’s memory or a dusty filing cabinet. Now, it’s all housed in OnePageCRM, instantly accessible and ready for action.
In the dynamic world of recruitment, EmployAbility Galway has proven that, like the “just-in-time” revolution in manufacturing, streamlined processes can yield remarkable results. OnePageCRM has not only redefined their approach to recruitment but has also become the driving force behind their phenomenal success story.