Case Study

A CRM for Sales Management

See how Capsule is supporting a document-scanning business to go national – acting as an invaluable tool for business development.

Pearl Scan, a Document Management business, wanted to expand its presence from regional to national level. However, they realized that in order to achieve this goal, they needed to focus on high-quality sales leads.

To streamline their sales process, the team turned to Capsule, a customer relationship management (CRM) software. With Capsule, all customer and sales lead data are automatically stored in one place, providing a clear overview of the value of each existing project. This helped the team to prioritize their efforts and focus on sales leads with the highest potential.

Capsule also offers a clear view of Pearl Scan’s sales pipeline, which enables the team to identify and replicate successful sales activity by utilizing previous sales data. This has allowed Pearl Scan to streamline its entire sales process, from tracking initial enquiries to individual customer performance and project completion.

According to CEO Naveed Ashraf and Business Development Manager Dan Johnson, Capsule has given them a competitive edge. With all customer and sales lead data stored in one place, the team can easily access and utilize the information they need to close deals. They also have the ability to track their progress and adjust their strategy as needed, based on previous sales data.

Overall, Capsule has helped Pearl Scan to improve its sales process, increase its efficiency, and achieve its goal of expanding its presence from regional to national. By using Capsule, the team has been able to focus its energy on high-quality sales leads, replicate successful sales activity, and streamline its entire sales process.


Capsule helps Pearl Scan streamline their sales process | Capsule CRM