CRM Case Study for Travel & Tourism

Find out how New Zealand Trails went from CRM Hardships to Sales Productivity with OnePageCRM


Experience the Power of OnePageCRM: Transforming Sales Productivity for New Zealand Trails

Imagine a world where chaos turns into efficiency, and lost leads become a thing of the past. That’s the reality New Zealand Trails, the adventure tour specialists, discovered when they embraced the game-changing capabilities of OnePageCRM. As their Marketing Manager proudly declares, OnePageCRM has empowered them to “do it all,” resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in sales productivity and substantial time savings on administrative tasks. Let’s delve into their inspiring journey.


Chaos Overcome 

The old days at New Zealand Trails was an organizational nightmare marked by scattered folders, bits of paper, and endless post-it notes that attempted to house customer data. Whenever a phone call or email inquiry came in, the team would frantically search through notes and email threads, desperately seeking previous conversations and relevant information. The lack of a structured system proved unsustainable, frustrating both the team and their customers, who craved swift updates. Even though the staff boasted decades of experience, their system (or rather, lack thereof) crumbled when it came to onboarding new team members. Something had to change.

“With OnePageCRM, we’re always on top of our game when our customers get in touch” 

The Quest for the Perfect CRM 

Recognizing the inefficiency of their outdated system, New Zealand Trails embarked on a quest to find the ideal CRM software. However, the search proved more challenging than expected. They sought a solution that was not only easy to set up but also seamlessly integrated with their email marketing system, MailChimp. Unfortunately, none of the CRMs they tried at the time could provide this crucial functionality. Without a solid integration, leads continued to vanish into the depths of their inbox, plunging them back into square one.

The Dawn of OnePageCRM 

Everything changed when New Zealand Trails discovered OnePageCRM, and within a mere week, they were fully operational, leaving messy post-it notes and lost emails in the dust. With OnePageCRM, every call and critical piece of information pertaining to a contact is meticulously tracked in its dedicated timeline. Now, when a client reaches out to New Zealand Trails, they simply search for the contact’s name in OnePageCRM, and all the pertinent data instantly surfaces.

Revolutionizing Lead Management 

New Zealand Trails doesn’t limit the power of OnePageCRM to just their inquiry team. They have embraced its capabilities across all departments. Their Operations team benefits from the streamlined organization and segmentation of contacts, making exporting data a breeze. Meanwhile, the Marketing team leverages custom fields, tags, and status labels to precisely target different types of leads. With this comprehensive understanding, they execute tailored email campaigns, confident that their messages hit the right contacts.

A Seamless Follow-up System With OnePageCRM, 

New Zealand Trails has achieved a seamless follow-up process where 100% of leads receive the attention they deserve, never slipping through the cracks. They rely on OnePageCRM’s Next Actions feature to guide them through each step of the customer journey, ensuring progress and advancement.

Unlocking Sales Productivity For New Zealand Trails, OnePageCRM represents the long-awaited solution to organizing their sales and marketing processes. The integration with MailChimp has become an invaluable asset, enabling both the Inquiry and Marketing teams to streamline their daily operations and focus on the right targets. The greatest reward of all, however, lies in the significant time saved on administrative tasks—a monumental bonus that has transformed their efficiency.

“Using OnePageCRM has helped us create a follow-up system that allows us not to miss a beat!” 

Experience the Difference 

“OnePageCRM’s follow-up system saves us at least 10 hours per week in administration work and this is critical to our success” 

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