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The Property Jungle uses Really Simple Systems


About The Property Jungle

Founded in 2003, The Property Jungle is a specialised developer of award-winning websites for developers of new homes, and estate and lettings agents throughout the UK, Africa and Europe. They help smaller businesses compete with larger corporations by providing them with the best technologies at the lowest possible prices.

The Property Jungle

The mission at the Property Jungle is to focus on customer service to drive continuous revenue growth while also providing great value websites for their clients. However, in recent years, The Property Jungle had been finding it difficult to keep up with their growth objectives. Mike Smithson, Managing Director at the Property Jungle had this to say about it: “With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the property market shrank considerably. Normally, we have no problem with new clients. It is important that we convert as many enquiries as possible into sales but lately we have been noticing that a typical sales cycle has gone from a single inbound phone call that would result in a sale, to one requiring a lot of follow up and relationship creation before thesale is .” This is when they realised what they were missing: a great CRM system.

Because we can receive up to 50 enquiries a month, we needed a really good system to be able to capture these leads and keep them engaged with us until they were either converted or lost.

Researching CRM

The Property Jungle trialled various CRM systems, however they soon found that their initial choices fell short of meeting their requirements.  Mike recalls that “the first few CRMs had initially appeared to be the answer to our problems. But in reality, our experience with those products was very different.”

Despite the initial setbacks, I remained convinced that somewhere out there was a CRM technology that would meet our needs.

Choosing Really Simple Systems CRM

Eventually, they signed up for Really Simple Systems and it became clear that this was the CRM that was exactly what they were looking for.

Mike goes on to say that “for the first time in the history of our company we are able to clearly see who all our clients are, what services we deliver for each of them and if there are any upsell opportunities. We are now also able to properly track opportunities, while also measuring our performance and making improvements.”

“As the owner of the business, it is most important to be able to see the things we have done and accurately forecast actions that we are likely to take. I look at my CRM dashboard all day long because on it, there are numbers and trends that provide me with a lot of insight into where we are and where we are headed.”

For the first time in the history of our company we are able to clearly see who all our clients are, what services we deliver for each of them and if there are any upsell opportunities.

Using a Really Simple CRM

Mike went on to explain how The Property Jungle makes use of the CRM. “In the very first week, Really Simple Systems paid for itself. For the first time, we were able to view tables of data and because of this, we were instantly able to see where thousands of pounds in recurring fees were going missing.”

“We also are enjoying using the Marketing module to keep the lines of communication open with both our clients and any new prospects, which allows us to inform them of product and service opportunities, and even things like legislation changes. The level of automation that the software has brought to our marketing endeavours means that what used to take us weeks to complete now takes mere hours.”

Really Simple Systems is incredibly flexible in that it allows us to name fields and even create new ones that align perfectly with our own internal terminology. In other words, the CRM was able to adapt to fit us rather than forcing us to adapt to fit it.

The Results

The impact that these changes have had are clearly evident in the Property Jungle’s sales record. After only four months of using Really Simple Systems, they found that month on month their order value had started to increase (despite uncertainties in the wider market). And in January 2020, they saw a 14 month record for total order values.

Final Words

Mike summed up their experience by saying: “For us, Really Simple Systems is now a key part of our company. It informs our decisions, creates opportunities, streamlines our processes, improves our customer service, keeps us connected with our clients and leads, and most importantly, it gives me, the owner, a new overview of the business.”

“To top it all off, I have to say that the customer service that Really Simple Systems has provided has been exceptional. The support team has helped us to sculpt and shape the way we use the CRM, with regard to how we capture and use our data. The team have been very attentive, technically excellent and are, for techies, generally pleasant humans.”

To anyone considering using a CRM I would tell them, as a business owner don’t put it off. If you are weighing up different systems, you can stop looking because Really Simple Systems is truly head and shoulders above the rest.

If this case study of Really Simple Solutions CRM being successfully applied by a Web Designer resonates with you, you can research further by either visiting our in-depth review, or going direct to their website: