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CRM Case Study for Business Advisory/Consulting Firms

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How Creatio helped NBAC Corp. accelerate growth through operational excellence to maximize ROI


Make operational excellence as a differentiator


NBAC Corp is a unique business advisory and data processing firm that specializes in servicing foreign companies and foreign-born individuals doing business in the United States. They provide global tax, accounting, payroll and HR services to their clients. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of business services and continue their legacy of unparalleled service.


NBAC Corp identified manual processes and highly siloed business teams were limiting their ability to scale customer onboarding. While they used various functional applications to support each business unit, there was no single source of truth about each customer in the organization. NBAC saw an opportunity to use technology to align teams around a single view of customer data, and automate manual processes to improve efficiency. 


NBAC Corp now uses Creatio to create a unified, central hub of customer data, and uses business process automation to automate and orchestrate processes across the different business units.

 With Creatio, NBAC has been able to streamline the onboarding process in order to manage the spike in new clients, which has increased by an average of 280% over the last 5 months. Onboarding is now more efficient and automated enabling NBAC to maintain process adherence with reduced onboarding time by over 65%.

 Additionally, since tax software cannot act as the central hub of data for all clients, NBAC was able to improve management of the tax process. They streamlined and automated the tax process from the beginning of the tax interview to distribution of the tax return, reducing time by over 50%. These operational improvements also reduced the number of people involved in the process while reducing the amount of time spent on processing each client by 60%.

 95% of our new clients are acquired through word-of-mouth, so service quality and efficiency are critical to keep and acquire new customers. Having Creatio to orchestrate operations across our teams is vital to delivering outstanding service, but also enables us to more efficiently scale the business. With less manual processes and workarounds, employees are more autonomous and my happiness level has never been higher!” Jane Hoffman, VP of Operations @ NBAC Corp. “The total ROI has been outstanding. If you consider the operational efficiencies and the revenue growth we’ve been able to achieve, the ROI is well over 350% (182% annualized).

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