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Peritus Digital rapidly deploys seamless invoicing solution with Zendesk Sell (Base CRM) API – Meet Peritus Digital

About the Company

Peritus Digital is a New York-based technology consulting and development agency devoted to building world-class, one-of-a-kind web applications and web-based businesses.

The Challenge

A Peritus client was happy using Sell as its CRM, but was struggling to find an invoicing system that could efficiently manage subscriptions, connect with Stripe and meet the demands of its global sales team. “We tried literally every solution on the market, but we just couldn’t find one that met our client’s needs,” says Frank Truglio, founder of Peritus Digital. “We knew that Sell has a stellar API, so we figured building our own invoicing solution and integrating it with Sell would be the ticket.”

The Solution

After just a few short weeks, Peritus built its own invoicing solution: Paycove. Using Sell’s robust open API, Peritus was able to integrate Paycove so closely with Sell that users don’t even have to leave the Sell interface to generate invoices.

Once a deal is dragged and dropped to a “pending close” stage in Sell, an invoice is automatically created. All relevant information is pulled directly from Sell into the contract, which is then sent to the appropriate contact via email, as well as automatically logged within Sell for easy reference.

The contact can then pay the invoice via Stripe for a streamlined end-to-end billing experience. Once the invoice has been paid, the associated deal will automatically be moved to a “closed/won” pipeline stage in Sell.

Another key benefit of the bi-directional data sync between Paycove and Sell is that users are able to track key invoicing metrics via the Paycove dashboard, including recurring revenue, revenue per customer, retention rates, declined payments and more.

The Results

Thanks to the power and seamless connectivity of the Sell API, Peritus was able to have a working prototype of the integrated Paycove solution in just one week. “Sell’s API is extremely well-documented and easy to work with,” says Rich Hankinson, CTO Paycove. “Everything is clearly defined, so you know exactly what to expect and how to architect around it.”

Before the Sell and Paycove integration, invoicing used to take up to two weeks for Peritus’ client. Now, the entire process is being completed in an average of three days. What’s more, the effectiveness of the integration has enabled this client to discontinue the three separate invoicing systems it was forced to use previously, resulting in 50% monthly cost savings.

“We love that Sell doesn’t heavily restrict API calls, so we were able to rapidly test the Paycove integration without hitting any limits. Sell’s support team has been extremely helpful as well,” continues Rich. “The best part is that the API is constantly being updated and innovated, so you know that when you choose to work with Sell, you are future-proofing your integration.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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