CRM Case Study

CRM for the Manufacturing Industry – Krauss-Maffei – Insightly

Krauss-Maffei Corporation was founded in 1966 and is a leading manufacturer of plastics processing machinery. As the US headquarters of the Munich-based KraussMaffei Group, Krauss-Maffei Corporation is the only North American company with expertise in injection molding, extrusion, and reaction process machinery.


Krauss-Maffei’s reaction process machinery division needed an easy-to-use CRM that offered native workflow capabilities to automate complex sales processes.


Insightly’s clean and modern user interface, customizability, and workflow automation eliminated the need for spreadsheets and accelerated sales efficiency.


By implementing Insightly, the team has become more efficient and enjoys enhanced communication between staff who are spread across multiple offices and continents.

Seth Rodden – Regional Sales Manager,

Intuitive interface, powerful workflows

Having implemented other third-party CRMs for prior employers, Rodden knew that Krauss-Maffei needed a CRM that was both easy to use and highly adaptable to the company’s complex s Insightly does everything in the most intuitive way possible. ales and quoting processes. “We considered a few homegrown solutions, but they were too simplistic for our needs,” Rodden said. “We also considered Salesforce CRM, but we felt like the user interface was not a great fit for our needs.” Realizing the need for an intuitive CRM that offered workflow automation, the team turned to Insightly.

Insightly does everything in the most intuitive way possible.

Smooth onboarding, rapid adoption

Insightly’s customer success team and online support library expedited onboarding for all of Krauss-Maffei’s users. “Getting people to accept change isn’t always easy, but we had no problem rolling out Insightly to our team,” Rodden said. “We enjoyed working with Insightly’s customer support group and found the documentation to be very helpful.”

Smooth onboarding freed up more time to customize Insightly to the team’s exact needs. “A colleague and I collaborated to customize Insightly through the back-end interface,” Rodden said. “After configuring our preferred settings, required fields, and workflows, we created internal best practice guides that were distributed to the sales team.”

Efficiency, accountability, and communication

Successfully implementing Insightly has elevated the division’s efficiency from a sales process perspective. “Insightly automates our quoting process that contained 63 decision nodes and elements,” Rodden said. “As a quote moves through the pipeline, we simply click a box to advance it to the next stage and remind stakeholders to take action.”

Leveraging Insightly as the sales team’s central source of truth has led to enhanced transparency, more accurate forecasts, and better data. “Sales reps are now more accountable to the data that they input into the system,” Rodden said. “As a result, we now have more reliable data and forecasts.”

Scheduled reports feed key business metrics to users who are spread across different geographic locations. “Reporting has been our biggest gain from adopting Insightly,” Rodden said. “Insightly makes it easier for everyone to get the information they need, regardless of where they’re physically located.”

Optimizing for the future

Looking ahead, the team plans to add more users and build additional data-driven reports in Insightly. Migrating the team’s project management activity into Insightly may also be on the horizon. “Our project management team uses some very complex spreadsheet macros to track projects,” Rodden said. “Moving our projects into Insightly could offer additional efficiency and reduce overlapping data sources.”

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