CRM Case Study for Charities, NGOs & NPOs – The Original Movin’ System – GreenRope CRM

See what Representative Wendy Tibus has to say about GreenRope CRM

About The Original Get Movin’ Sytem

We offer a unique, healthy, and fun choice in fundraising today. Promoting a healthy lifestyle to our youth is critical. Our programs promote health and wellness education, maximum profits with a plan for your success. Our goal is to reach your entire budget in one fundraising event. We know less fundraising makes you happy along with parents and school staff.

Our National service is helping schools all over the country with “Do-It-Yourself” fundraising events such as Fun Runs, Dance-A-Thons, Read-A-Thons, Walk-A-Thons, and Jump-Rope-A-Thons.

What problem did you need to solve? What were your pain points? What led you to find a solution?

Keeping our client base in one place where the company could see all activities in our sales processes and each representative in our organization could follow a workflow to ultimately seal the deal for each of their clients/leads.

Did you have a previous solution that could no longer meet your company’s needs?

We worked off excel spreadsheets.

What solutions did you consider but rejected?

We considered Salesforce before we found GreenRope.

Why did you choose GreenRope over Competitors? What made GreenRope more effective?

  • The cost based on number of contacts vs. affordability
  • Email Marketing functions
  • Website integration
  • Unlimited users

What were your criteria for the perfect solution?

Cost and effectiveness with an email marketing component.

Did you encounter any challenges implementing GreenRope? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

Yes, we encountered challenges implementing GreenRope because it definitely took some getting used to. We overcame many of those challenges due to help from the support team.

GreenRope Empowers Businesses and Employees

What features do you use most and why/how?

I mostly use email broadcasts, tracking, contact management, workflows, and online forms.

What are the benefits of GreenRope?

Why there are many benefits of using the system, email broadcasts and tracking, contact management and workflows, as well as the online forms, graphs, website integration, support, and the low cost are the most beneficial.

What is the ROI? What results have you seen from using GreenRope?

When we implemented GreenRope we were at the beginning stages of taking our company National. A lot of factors have gone into our growth, GreenRope being one. Since GreenRope is so affordable, it more than pays for itself. The email broadcasts and sign up forms for our online tours create interest in our services. However, since there are so many factors to our growth, I cannot decisively determine our ROI but I know the program more than pays for itself and we find it to be a reasonably justified monthly purchase.

The program more than pays for itself…

How has GreenRope changed your overall strategy?

Now that we have pipelines, charts, and metadata, we can see so much more about our clients and where they are in the sales pipeline. We can better track our goals and achieve them as they are so easy to view in GreenRope.

How has GreenRope changed your marketing strategy?

We have always used an email tracking service (formerly Constant Contact) but now we can do so much more. It has improved our marketing strategy greatly, particularly in way of targeting specific groups that are tagged specifically to our needs. Seeing the activity that our potential customers are displaying and acting on them has really improved the way we know what they are doing and can target them specifically.

How has GreenRope improved your sales process?

It is very nice to be able to view and monitor the workflows of our sales reps as an administrator. We can see the pipeline, who is at what stage of the sales process and how to better capture their interest to learn more about what we do. GreenRope has helped us be more precise in reaching our goals because we have the visual representations in the system.

Why would you recommend GreenRope?

I would recommend GreenRope for many reasons, which I have already mentioned. Broadcast marketing, tracking, lead/customer activity, the sales/workflow, being able to socially collaborate with our staff, the reasonable cost, the organization that the program provides and website integrations, great tech support and support staff are just a few reasons why I would recommend GreenRope.