Consulting firm manages millions efficiently with Zendesk Sell (Base CRM) – Meet Object Health

About the Company

Object Health is a California based healthcare consulting firm that helps organizations deploy technology to improve healthcare quality.

The Challenge

Object Health is a healthcare consulting firm that is bringing electronic healthcare to practices and clinics across the country. Over the past three years, Object Health’s volumes have grown substantially, which prompted the decision to find a powerful management tool to keep pace. With a new multi-million dollar project in their pipeline, the firm decided they needed a system to improve their visibility, organization, and collaboration capabilities. Robert Jordan, Senior Consultant, shares Object Health’s search for a flexible solution tailored to match their booming business.

Before identifying their pain point, Object Health used Excel and Dropbox to manage all contacts and documents. However, with expansion came the need to find a more viable solution. “We initially used Excel but as our volumes grew it became unworkable. There was no way to maintain control in our process and every status update required a marathon conference call and time away from the field,” Robert explains. After looking into various solutions from established to start up firms, they found that in order for a CRM to fulfil their contact management needs, they would have to find one that thinks outside the box. “We had two core needs. We needed something to track all of our information and replace Excel, and we needed a project management tool. No CRM is designed for project management so we needed to find one that was flexible.”

The Solution

While initially sceptical of using a sales platform to achieve this, Object Health soon found that Base could be a beneficial management tool. “Base gives us all of the information we need in one place. This cuts down on phone calls, conference calls, spreadsheets, you name it,” says Robert. From a management perspective, Base has also given them a greater sense of visibility. “We used to require monthly conference calls to check-in with the team. But Base makes everything so transparent that it eliminates the need for these calls.” In short, within a few weeks of implementation Base optimized Object Health’s approach to adding clients..

Robert shares that these gains would not have been possible without a collaborative implementation. Object Health worked with Base’s in-house Customer Success team to find the perfect configuration that would set their team up for success. “We went through six iterations before we found the right structure for us. With that said, we went from discovery to training to going live in just three short weeks. I’m amazed at how well the Base product and process worked.”

The Results

Today, Object Health’s business is thriving and each consultant is handling 300+ contacts. “Our business is really ramping up. Given the amount of growth we’ve seen over the past year, I know that it wouldn’t have been possible to keep up without Base.” While Robert acknowledges that there is a lot of untapped power in Base, he notes that Object Health has already seen significant performance improvements in the weeks and months since implementing Base.

“Base lets us perform tasks more effectively. There’s no more reliance on spreadsheets, paper, Google Maps, no searches for lost documents. We can collaborate freely because all of our data is in one place.”

Object Health continues to move forward and learn more about Base every day. This has sparked plans to fully integrate and further explore Base’s capabilities in the near future. “We found a company that wanted to work with us and who was flexible in a way that no one else was. That’s invaluable, and that’s why Base is a long-term solution for us.”

Success Made with Base Solutions

These solutions help Object Health take their sales to the next level faster than ever.