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IT Firm Helps 5x More Customers Without Adding New Staff Thanks to WORKetc CRM

In the past six years, Perth-based IT firm Atcom Technology has experienced unprecedented growth.

According to director Malissa Fonte, they’re now seeing seven times the number of support endpoints, the company’s bread and butter, compared to six years ago.

Now, any small business owner would think that growth like this would lead to a swell in the company’s ranks itself. This wasn’t the case for Atcom, however.

Even with the massive influx of new customers and support requests, Atcom’s three-person support team has remained the same size it was six years ago.

Their secret? WORKetc.

The Old Outlook Process

Microsoft Outlook was originally Atcom’s exclusive software of choice. They used it to store all kinds of data — client details, requests, and tasks.

Outlook isn’t built to act as a CRM, however, much less a full-fledged customer support app. It was straining under the weight of Atcom’s support process, leading to inefficiencies and support details sometimes falling through the cracks.

It took their support agents an average of one to two hours to take a ticket through the entire process. Factor in time spent on the actual work to be done by their technicians, and that number swells further.

Atcom was taking longer to help fewer people. Malissa and her team recognized the limits of their system, and they sought to change it.

From One Hour to 20 Minutes

Malissa and her team took definite steps to overhaul and streamline their support process six years ago by signing up for WORKetc.

And as mentioned, their client base has surged in the years since, but their support team has stayed the same three people.

“Same employees, [but with] less repetition and following up,” Malissa explains.

They achieved this by using WORKetc to cut their old seven-step, hour-long process into a simple three-step workflow that takes all of 20 minutes:

Atcom - Technologys worketc process

The new process solved Atcom’s problems with inefficiency in tracking and managing client and ticket data.

As WORKetc automatically updates existing support tickets as clients send in new emails, Atcom’s support agents no longer had to spend precious minutes digging through their shared Outlook inbox for related issues and previous communication.

Each new ticket is also automatically attached to the appropriate client’s activity history, so the whole support team has immediate visibility on everything they’ve done for that client.

And with each ticket having its own activity history, they can also quickly review what steps they’ve already taken to resolve the issue.

Efficient Support and Billing

All of these features have led directly to Atcom’s support technicians saving around 100 minutes per ticket, and that time saved is used to handle 20 tickets a day instead of only four to eight.

Atcom would have had to hire four more support agents to handle that many tickets per day if they had stuck to their old Outlook-based process.

The company’s billing department has experienced similar efficiency boosts.

Atcom’s billing department is a one-person show, but that lone admin has been able handle all of the company’s billing and invoicing in the same time it took him back when Atcom was seven times smaller.

“Most of the time [was lost] … following up, checking, and re-invoicing,” says Malissa, who adds that in the past, “many jobs were not invoiced correctly or at all.”

Atcom has since plugged up that time and money vortex by having a system that ties everything from CRM and projects to support and billing. Every job is invoiced correctly. Not a single billable minute gets lost.

The whole company is now helping five times the clients, faster and more efficiently than previously possible — and all without adding any new staff.

They just switched to WORKetc.

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